“Lofa Will Not be Divided” – JNB -Assures Lofaians of “Better Leadership” under Kortimai

Former Vice President and Unity Party Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai has called on the people of Lofa County to be wary of divisive politics and come together as one to vote for the UP candidate Galakpai Kortimai tomorrow Tuesday, to send a strong message to the people of Liberia that “redemption is coming” in 2023.

    Speaking at a campaign rally in Kolahun District on Friday, June 24, Unity Party strongman Joseph Nyuma Boakai told the mammoth crowd that the unity of Lofa County matters and that Lofaians should not settle for cheap propaganda, saying, the togetherness that has always characterized the life of the people of Lofa will continue to prevail.

   Ambassador Boakai pointed out that Lofaians should go for a leadership that will benefit them. He said, despite the divisive tactics of detractors, Lofa County will not be divided, and that with the support he has seen in these elections “redemption is coming for Liberia.”

    Ambassador Boakai praised the Elders of the County for their support given the Unity Party in this Senatorial byelection. He decried the deplorable state of the health and education system in the county, adding that most schools and health facilities in the county are not functioning as they should because of corruption and bad policies. He said conditions must be created in the country for the achievement of a secured future for the youth of Liberia.

    “By the thousands that showed up in Friday’s rallies in Quardu Gboni, Voinjama, Kolahun and Foya, the message that the people of Lofa are sending is that they have been marginalized by the CDC led Government,” Atty. George Saah and Charles Snetter said in their report from Foya.

    The massive turnout of voters accordingly showed a realistic picture of who is favorite in the senatorial byelection in Lofa on Friday as the entourage of the Unity Party entered Kolahun and Foya Districts following rallies that drew mammoth crowds in Salayea, Zorzor and Voinjama Districts.

    “It is now abundantly clear that Kortimai is set to win the polls Tuesday following a show and demonstration of support that has so far been demonstrated in the County.

    “Number four (4), the position associated with the Unity Party candidate on the ballot for the Senatorial by election, is on the lips of most Lofaians from Salayea to Foya,” Atty. Saah stated.

Combing Lofa

    Meanwhile, earlier reports from Lofa County indicate that the rally to make Galakpai Kortimai Senator of Lofa continued Friday with huge turnouts as the focus was now on the provincial Capital of Voinjama in a contest the Unity Party has vowed to emerge victorious.

    Earlier Thursday at Fissibu, the elders, women, youth and students converged at town square to pledge their support to Kortimai, who was superintendent of the County during the administration of the Unity Party. Kortimai is also credited for the crafting of the County Development Agenda for Lofa County.

    Speaking at a well-attended meeting in Kornia, Unity Party Chairman Amin Modad said: “if you come after the Unity Party, then you have come after Lofa County.” Chairman Modad’s statement could be in specific reference to the manner and form in which Unity Party senatorial-elect Brownie Samukai was stopped from taking his seat over misapplication of the army pension fund.

     Also making remarks the Vice Chair for Inter Party Affairs of the Unity Party, Cole Bangalu, pointed out that Lofaians want to send a clear message concerning the treatment of former Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai who had earlier won the seat but was denied from taking it.

    For his part, former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai issued a traditional mandate, saying: “I am calling on all Lofaians as an uncle to vote for Galakpai Kortimai in the polls on Tuesday, the 28th of June.”

   The entourage had earlier made stops over at Leayeama, Barzewein and other towns and villages on the way to Voinjama.

   The entourage arrived at John’s Town around 5pm where they held a brief ceremony to repeat the message of “Vote for Kortimai.”

    At the gates of Voinjama City, the number of people who came to receive JNB and entourage were in their hundreds.

    After a convoy ride around Voinjama City, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party joined hundreds of partisans at the headquarters of the newly upgraded offices made possible by the UP-USA/Canada Diaspora branch for a formal program.

    Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah used the occasion to lash out against corruption in the CDC government.

     “Today Friday, the former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party will move the campaign to the District of Quardu Gboni, East of Voinjama, where news of the outspoken Yekeh Kolubah have already spread like wildfire,” the Unity Party dispatch stated.

    Yekeh’s presence on the Unity Party campaign tour has added more spice especially for the youths of the county, who look forward to his uncompromising messages and stance against the misuse of resources and corruption in the country.

    Following the meetings at Quardu Gboni, the team was expected to depart for Kolahun, Foya and Vahun.

    JNB, as the Unity Party standard bearer is affectionately called, is expected to be in Lofa to witness the casting of the ballots in the June 28, 2022 by-election that will be a determining factor or a decider for the 2023 presidential election in which the former Vice President is a major contestant.

    The by-election pits Galakpai Kortimai of the Unity Party against independent candidate Momo Cyrus and Cllr. Joseph Jallah, who many believe is closely aligned with the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change. Others include independent candidates Madam Mariamu Fofana and George Samah, while Sumo Kupee is running on the People’s Unification Party (PUP) ticket.

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