Lofa Will Give Weah 60% Votes -Supt Kamba, Other Bigwig Lofans Assure CDC

MONROVIA: The northeastern province of Lofa is the fourth biggest in terms of registered voters and it is poised to see one of the stiffest political combats during the 2023 elections. It is a home of the Standard-Bearer and former Vice President of ex-ruling Unity Party, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai. It is the only county that rival President George Manneh Weah lost in the 2017 presidential election, and it is also a birthplace of a couple of officials in the Weah administration who project themselves as formidable development and political stakeholders standing in the throat of the former Vice President. For this reason, pundits, particularly for this 2023 elections, are not calling Lofa a “Green Province” or an exclusive domain of the former ruling Unity Party but a “battleground” or “swing” territory. Even despite that, some citizens contend that the ruling CDC will take the huger chunk of the county’s electorate at the October polls. The Analyst reports.

If the solidarity statements made by the Superintendent of Lofa County, William Tamba Kamba, as well as first-time voters and other important demographic groups, relative to where the people of the county stand in the ensuing October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections, then former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai and his Unity Party have reasons to worry.

Superintendent Kamba and a couple of speakers at yesterday’s political rally head in Voinjama assure President Weah and his CDC that, based on development initiatives carried out in the last six years, sixty-percent of the electorate will go the CDC way.

The Lofans’ expressions of firm support for the reelection bid of President Weah were justified on what they called tangible development initiatives that county has benefited from during the CDC-led administration.

Speaking at the rally September 26, 2023, Superintendent Kamba who led a group of local county authority as well as chiefs, elders, women groups and candidates for elective seats on the platform of the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) reminded the President of the promise he (Superintendent) made early this year during the dedication of the Munah Pelham Memorial Technical College that he would turn Lofa County to the “Blue Family” which, according to him, he has been able to accomplish.

He said: “During the dedication of the Munah Pelham Youngblood Vocational Institute at the party headquarters, I made a commitment that by 2023, Lofa will be turned from Green to Blue, today it is being manifested.”

“Lofa today is committed to giving you a 60% votes as declared by the campaign team. Before I do the presentation on behalf of the traditional people, let me let you know that whenever Lofa County says yes, it means yes. Our tsunamic presence here today is to erase the doubt and belief that Lofa would not support you or that Lofa is resolved to support its own son, Joseph Boakai. That is a lie.”

He said the decision of the citizens to give the President the overwhelming support was predicated on the number of developments executed across the country in various sectors, including Lofa county.  As such, he said, it was expedient to give Mr. Weah a second term in order to continue and complete what he has been doing since his ascendency in 2018, including the Lofa road he has started already.

He reiterated to the President that for a county that is highly traditional, the citizens do not make empty promises and fail at the end of the day, and that their resolution has a strong concurrence with the people and the President will not be disappointed.

He then presented gifts on behalf of the chiefs and elders, women groups and candidates contesting elective seats under CDC in the county, asserting: “Mr. President, please accept these gifts from me on behalf of the chiefs, elders, women groups and candidates under CDC platform. Please wear them, and as you wear them, please remember Lofa County. We are behind you to the end.”

Also a female traditional chief who spoke on behalf of the traditional council of the county said they were excited to welcome the President and entourage to the county and assured Mr. Weah of a resounding victory from the county.

She said there is a wrong notion that traditional leaders should not get involved in national politics “but as the advisory arm of the government, if chiefs were to stay away from the government, how would they advise them.

“That is why we are saying we will support you to the end and ensure that you will be elected on October 10, 2023”.

The spokesperson for Voinjama City First-time Voters also assured President Weah that, based on his government’s groundbreaking policies and programs for young people and students, they will come out in their numbers on October 10, 2023 to reelect him.

“We, the first-time voters of this city, having followed the number of pro-poor policies and action programs under the CDC government, specifically for us, the young people and students of this country, we will give you our vote because you deserve it,” the young girl said.

“Free public college education, free WASSCE fees, electrification of towns and villages directly, and roads amongst other things, do impact us here in Lofa directly. These are developments that we did not see long before you took the presidential office,” she continued.

“Rest assured, Mr. President, no other presidential candidate in this race deserves our vote than you. Not only will we vote for you, but we will vote massively and copiously to show our utmost appreciation.”

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