Lofa Community College Sets for Growth -Pres. Discloses Improvement Plan

By Jallah D. Massah
The President of the Lofa County Community College (LCCC) has announced the dedication of the USAID funded building at the college today, the 4th of April 2019 in Voinjama, Lofa County. Dr. Samuel Ngaimasaid representatives from the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Liberia are expected to attend the ceremony.
The LCCC boss said the college has recently graduated two hundred and seventy-five (275) in various disciplines on March 30, 2019. The graduation marks the third batch of students prepared by the college,and the first batch under the regime of Dr. Samuel Ngaima since it was established in 2013. The first batch of graduates was one hundred and fifty-three (153) students while the second batch was four hundred and fifty (450), according to the college records.
Explaining the development plans of the LCCC’s administration, the college’s boss named the construction of a multi-purpose nursing building, which he said is near completion. He also spoke of advancingthe college to a four year degree-granting university in the next four to five years. “These top priorities are intended to upgrade the college into a full degree granting program”.
At the moment, the number of Associate degree holders in the county is exceedingly high as compared to BSc degree holders due to the presence of two community colleges, the Lofa County Community College and the Voinjama Free Pentecostal College currently offering Associate degrees to students, Dr. Ngaima said.
He said plans are underway for the construction of a TVET building which is expected to be financed by the citizens of Lofa County residing in both the United States of America and Canada.
In a related development, Dr. Ngaima said in order to improve the Lofa County Community College; he paid a visit to the United States of America, mainly Minnesota,where he held meetings with the North Hennepin Community College and the St. Paul Technical Community College as part of the negotiations to improve the college.
The meetings were aimed at the faculty, staff, studentexchange programs as well as provision of educational materials. He further indicated that he met with eight Liberian organizations, four American organizations and twelve renowned individuals most of whom are Liberians.
He said as a result of the visit, the institution has acquired several cartoons of textbooks which were distributed to all departments of the college to be used by both professors and students as the institution solicits funds for the shipment of a pending 40 feet container containing textbooks from the Book for Africa Institution in America.
Dr. Ngaima spoke of the establishment of the Business Department which is expected to offer Business Administration, Accounting, Public Administration and Economics and the institution; stating that the college has changed from semester to trimester in order to reduce the long timeframe for graduation.
He mentioned that the college has acquired three hundred acres of farmland for the purpose of agriculture to allow students have a practical training that will also help to generate funds for the institution. The land was provided to LCCC by the people of Dayzabah, Kpakumai and Larborlorzu Towns in Voinjama District Lofa County.
Meanwhile, the LCCC President also said that the Board of the Lofa County Community College has approved Mr. James Arku Jallah as the Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs following the resignation of Dr. Ibrahim M. Favada whose resignation was not made public.
“We have received and in process of four applications for Ph.D. work from Erick Forkpa, James K. Sowah, Washington Kesselee, and Tom Koenig and these people have received admission to various universities to obtain their Doctorate degrees upon which they shall return to commit themselves to the agreement signed between them and the institution in the area of service”.
Dr. Ngaimafurther stated that the institution has sent the following instructors for studies at the various universities. They include Joseph Nyuma-Cuttington Graduate School, Mawhen Koenig-Cuttington Graduate School;Francis Y. Kpadeh-Cuttington Graduate School, includingRaymond Howard,University of Liberia Graduate School;Selmah Jallah, Ngala University Republic of Sierra Leone;George F. Tumbay, Nairobi Universityin Kenya; and Beyan M.M. Kamara-Ivory Coast.

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