‘Lofa By-election Credible’ -NEC Provides Clarity on “Misinformation”

MONROVIA – The National Elections Commission (NEC) on Friday, July 1, 2022 released the official results of votes tallied in the just-ended Lofa County Senatorial By-election.

The NEC has reported that independent candidate Joseph Kpator Jallah got 22,019 votes, representing 36.46%; United Party’s Galakpai Kortimai got 21,229, representing 36.15%.

Releasing the final consolidated tally report during a press conference held at the NEC headquarters in Sinkor, Madam Davidetta Brown Lassanah, Chairperson for the commission, also announced the results of other candidates.

The results included Independent Candidate Momo Cyrus who obtained 5,687, representing 9.42%; Independent Candidate Mariamu Fofana, who obtained 6,010 votes, representing 9.95%; PUP candidate Sumo Kupee who obtained 2,828 votes, representing 4.68%, and George Samah who obtained 2,621 votes, representing 2,621 votes, representing 4.34%.

According to Madam Lansana, the final results showed 60,394 valid votes, against a total of 2,125 invalid votes. Total votes amounted to 62,519.

She noted in a statement read: “With 100% of the polling places having been tallied, the Commission hereby declares Independent Candidate Jallah, Joseph Kpator as the winner of the 28 June 2022 Senatorial By-election in Lofa County. Please note that these results will be available on NEC’s website (www.necliberia.org/results).”

The thanked the people of Lofa County for exercising their franchise, the Government of Liberia for providing the funding, the Joint Security, other stakeholders and the over 2,000 temporary staff who helped in making the conduct of the 28 June 2022 Lofa Senatorial By-election successful.

The NEC boss also clarified what she called “fake misinformation” about the June 28, 2022 Lofa County Senatorial by-elections results and further pointed out that such fake reports are contrary to the NEC official pronouncement and do not represent the official results.

She asserted. “Suffice it to say that those fake reports do not represent the official results. The election process is such that the agents of the candidates and independent observers are at the polls from the start through the counting of the votes.

After the counting of the votes at each polling place, the results are recorded on a carbon-copy document known as the record of the count which has five pages, she added. “The information that is written on the top page appears on all of the bottom pages. Party agents sign the record of the counts and one copy each is given to the two agents of the candidates that obtained the first and second highest votes. A copy of the count is then pasted on the wall for public viewing. One is placed in the ballot box while the original is placed in the Tamper Evident Envelope (TEE-3). The original of the records of the counts are taken to the magisterial office for tally where they are opened in the presence of party agents and independent observers present for the electronic tabulation of the results. The tallied results are then transmitted to NEC Headquarters for public announcement.”

Madam Lansanah further said: “Hence, any person who believes that the official results are different from what he or she has can avail him or herself of the legal process in keeping with Article 83(c) of the Liberian Constitution. All of the records of the counts and the tallied results are a matter of public record and we will make them available for journalists who are interested in viewing them.” 

According to her, “all of the records of the counts and the tallied results are a matter of public record and we will make them available for journalists who are interested in viewing them”.

“Of the 454 polling places In Lofa County, we, on 30 June 2022, reported the tallied results of 381, constituting 83.92%. We are pleased to announce that since yesterday’s conference, the tally team has tallied the results from the remaining 73 polling places, thus constituting 100%”, she concluded.

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