Local Construction Firm Completes USD 97K ArcelorMittal Funded Gorblee High School Fencing

A Grand Bassa County based construction firm, Wredyu Construction Company has with funding from ArcelorMittal Liberia completed Fencing the Gorblee High School in Wee Statutory District 

Gorblee High School is the only public high school in what is now Electoral District Four, in Grand Bassa County.

ArcelorMittal though its 20% allotment for directly affected communities paid USD$97 thousand to for the first time fence the school.

The project was done in collaboration with Grand Bassa Administration with money directly coming from the ArcelorMittal Liberia Community Development Fund for affected Communities within their operational areas.

Gorblee High School has over the years struggled to control students’ behavior due to the open space which hosts the campus.

Community dwellers of Wayzohn City, school Administrators have for years pleaded for support to have the school fenced but to no avail.

According to reports, ArcelorMittal Liberia spent over ninety-seven -thousand, nine-hundred fifty-nine United States Dollars (USD $97,959.00) to achieve the well-built and long-lasting fence with security booths and bar-wires.

The project which was brilliantly done by Wredyou Construction Company has been praised by dwellers of the community naming the Company as one of the best in Grand Bassa.

Authur Grigsby, a resident of the area said, “I am over excited to see the Gorblee School that we all started from years back being fenced by ArcelorMittal Liberia”.

“We want to thank Arcelormittal who provided the funds, I am over excited because my children will now go to school sooner because there’s now a good security system and safety for them. They won’t just leave the campus to go different places like before”.

Sundayway Toe, another resident of Wayzohn city mentioned that the fencing of Gorblee High School shows that their lawmaker and the County Leadership are working to push ArcelorMittal’s feet to the fire.

“I am grateful for this fencing project, but I wholeheartedly want to appreciate our lawmaker Vicent Willie, the County leadership, ArcelorMittal Liberia and the Wredyou Construction Company for a job well done”.

She furthered “Wredyou Construction Company didn’t waste time with the project because when they started, I felt it was just another political project that could’ve taken 5-6 years before completion but it’s on the contrary”.

However, Madam Naomi N. Nagbe, Principal of the Gorblee High School said since its completion, the fence has helped to reduce the lateness of students.

 “I want to appreciate the County leadership, our District Representative Vicent Willie, and ArcelorMittal Liberia who provided the money for the project”.

She praised ArcelorMittal for the funding and said “Wredyou Construction Company did a great Job and it is extremely nice”.

Meanwhile, dedication is expected to be held very soon.

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