Local Bong Citizens Endorse Candidates in Diaspora Election

As the election for the next corps of officers to steer the affairs of the United Bong County Association in the Americas(UBCAA) gathers steam, some citizens on the home front have taken side by stating that  pursuant to the mission of the United Bong County Association in the Americas (UBCAA), and in light of their unrelenting quest to consolidate the vast human and material resources to adequately address the needs of Bongese in the United States and here in Liberia, they have formally endorsed the candidature of Mr. Caimon Joe Kollie, and his team for the leadership of the United Bong County Association in the Americas (UBCAA) in the upcoming leadership elections.

In a release signed by Messrs Nuwoe Kellen and Patrick Singbah Jr, yesterday, Monday, July 12, 2021, the group calling itself United Citizens for Team Caimon, said its decision to endorse Mr. Caimon Joe Kollie and his team is predicated upon the team’s commitment to strengthen the leadership configuration of the UBCAA, its unwavering passion to seek the wellbeing and social protection of all Bong County Citizens in the United states and parts adjacent, and its ability to utilize its mandate and privileges to establish networks and linkages that will subsequently benefit our county.

“Furthermore, Team Caimon has a clear agenda, and possesses the requisite sophistication; experience and energy required to build a robust and well-structured UBCAA, and move it in the right direction, while also meaningfully contributing to the forward movement of the County over the next 3 years. We are thrilled by this team’s uncompromising desire to create a collaborative partnership with Bong County citizens, stakeholders, affiliate organizations and other partners in securing resources for various interventions and sustainable development efforts in Bong County. We are also encouraged by Team Caimon’s quest to establish a fully staffed operational service in Bong County for the purpose of identifying and responding to the most pressing needs of its citizenry”, the statement said.

The statement said the United Bong Citizens for Team Caimon therefore, calls on all citizens of the County, including those at home and abroad, to take keen interest in the election and the outcome of the July 2021 convention, with the belief that said processes will pay dividends in favor of their great county and people. It stated that they call on the delegates attending the convention to overwhelmingly vote Mr. Caimon Joe Kollie and his team to various elective positions as put forth by the elections body. The group added that it is of the strongest conviction that the team, with the commitment it possesses, will deliver on its promises of proactively leading the UBCAA into activities and ventures that espouse our collective aspirations.

The statement furthered that with utmost sincerity, the group appreciates the current leadership of UBCAA, the organization’s Board, various Chapters of the Association and the citizens of Bong County and encourage all to remain step-fast, forward thinking and united even in our diversities. They said they shall continue to press forward with one common belief, the belief that Bong County is our common denominator, and that we can together make it a better place for all of us and the generations to come and called on all stakeholders to see this year’s convention as a platform for Unity, progress and the beginning of a new paradigm for UBCAA.

“Fellow Citizens, we want to use this occasion to reaffirm our commitment to the ideals that bond us together as a county, the ideals of oneness, love for county, commitment to service, and our collective resilience to overcome the odds and circumstances that confront us as a people. We will stay united for these reasons, inspiring each other and helping the county to reach its full leadership and development potentials”, the group concluded.

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