LNBA Wants TRC Recommendations Executed

Within the context of called by a Sierra Leonean jurist, Barrister MelronNicol-Wilson’s call for war crime court in Liberia and other West African countries of interest, the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) has ended its Kakata Assembly of 2019 endorsing implementation of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) recommendations for the establishment of war crimes and economic criminal court in Liberia.
An LNBA resolution issued at the end of the Assembly quoted their Sierra Leonean colleague who spoke from Sierra Leone and said the chapter for bitter past is over in his country and that the rule of law is now restored. Barrister Nicol-Wilson stressed that people who commits war crimes against immunity must be punished so as to put an in to impunity.
The resolution, which in its preamble said the 2019 Kakata Assembly of the Bar listed two topics for the continuing legal education with Cllr. Francis Johnson Allison, Atty. Bartholomew B. Colley and Barrister MelronNicol-Wilson serving as panelists, said that discussion at the Assembly were highlighted on the topics firstly “Accountability or Impunity: Putting a closure to the 14 Years Civil War; and Discretionary Power to Issue Remedial Writ versus Due Process Right.
At the end of these discussions the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) overwhelmingly approved, and voted for the implementation of the TRC Report including, in particular, the establishment of war and economic crimes court for the Republic of Liberia and call on the Government of Liberia and all necessary state and non-state actors to take the necessary actions in the realization of this decision.
Accordingly, the leadership of the LNBA engages stakeholders for the implementation of the Assembly’s decision for the establishment of intermediary appellate courts.
Already, the United States Congress has issued and passed a resolution for a criminal tribunal to be established in Liberia, an apparent coherence of legal and legislative thoughts on ending war crime and the pillaging of the resources of Liberia.
The United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs which issued the resolution take into communication economic and war crime report in the country which could destabilize the country. The resolution 1055 reaffirmed strong US – Liberian ties and spoke of the prevention conflict in this country.
Meanwhile, the LNBA has indicated that the following lawyers have been elected and inducted into office to complete the composition of the Executive Council of the Liberian National Bar Association with all rights and privileges appertaining thereto. They are Cllr. Frederick L.M. Gbemie, Atty. A. Kundukai Jaleiba and Atty. Preston Chea Doe.
The president of the bar is mandated to extend gratitude to Margibi County Bar Association, the City Mayor of Kakata, the Superintendent and other official of Margibi County, foreign guests and other invitees of the Bar for ensuring the success of the Assembly.

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