LNBA Condemns Attack on Cllr. Teh -Wants Investigation Launched on Bea Mountain Suspects

MONROVIA : In the event of the recent brutal attack meted against one of its National Executive Council members, Cllr. KuKuyon Wleh- Teh, who was allegedly flogged by men believed to be workers of the Bea Mountain in the King Jor area in Grand Cape Mount County, an act that left the lawyer suffering multiple cuts and bruises which left him spending days in hospital after the mob action, the leadership of the Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) has condemned the attacks in the strongest term and called on the Ministry of Justice to arrest, investigate and immediately prosecute perpetrators to deter others who might desire to engage in similar conduct.

According to a June 13, 2023 press release, the LNBA says, from information in its possession, Cllr. Kukuyon Wleh-Teh, a member of the Bar and one of Legal Counsels of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation, upon an invitation from said client traveled to the New Liberty site on Friday June 2, 2023 to address some pertinent issues.

“While visiting the mining concession area, on June 3, 2023, Cllr. Wleh-Teh was informed by the General Manager of Bea Mountain, Mr. Reza Karimiyan about an accident which had taken place in the concession area that needed their attention. Upon arrival on the scene of the accident, the management was advised by Cllr. Wleh-Teh to contact the police, which was done without delay.  On the same day June 3, 2023, the management learnt that an unidentified worker was inciting workers to stop work without any notice or justification. On Sunday June 4, 2023, while at the power station, Cllr. Kukuyon Wleh-Teh was brutally attacked by a group of workers in a well calculated and premeditated fashion with the intention to kill,” the LNBA release noted.

The LNBA in its release further stated that if lawyers who represent their clients under the circumstance described herein are not safe, no citizen will consider his or her life and properties to be safe under any rule of Law regime.

“Equally, the Bar asserts that these attacks will cause unimaginable and inordinate delay in the administration of justice and impact negatively on the livelihoods of members of the Bar, many of whom are litigators.

“The LNBA shall firmly resist any attempt by anti-rule of law elements to return the legal profession to the dark days where lawyers conducted their professional affairs in fear. The Bar reminds citizens that Lawyers are not their enemies or opponents as they only aid the administration of justice and the courts of law still remain the lawful and civil forum to ultimately resolve conflicts.

“The LNBA, meanwhile, is urging its members to remain security conscious while carrying out their activities. The LNBA leadership at the same time calls on the Ministry of Justice to always protect members of the Bar by making efforts to apprehend and bring to justice anyone who violates the rights of lawyers,” the release noted.

In a related development, the LNBA calls on employers around the country to conduct themselves in ways that will improve industrial relations among tripartite constituents which include government, employees and employers.

“This can only be achieved from negotiation and signing of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between employers and employees with attestation by government consistent with law. An effective Collective Bargaining Agreement will always preserve the rights and interests of tripartite constituents and minimize the incidence of conflicts in work places around the country,” the LNBA stated categorically.

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