LINSU Joins Odell Family Protest -Demands Autopsy of their Late Colleague

Protestors including the Liberian National Student Union of Liberia (LINSU) and family members of the late Odell Sherman have stormed Capitol By-pass blocking the main streets in front of the Alphonso Caine National Headquarters of Liberia National Police (LNP) in demand of justice for late Sherman, whose corpse was discovered in the yard of Rev. Emmanuel Giddings.

The late Ms. Sherman met her demise a night after she took her 12th West African Senior Secondary Exams (WASSCE) and was gearing up for graduation from high school.

The protestors who were demanding the government bring in an independent Pathologist to for autopsy on the deceased as well as call records from late Odell Sherman’s accused the government through the LNP to be proceeding wrongly in the Odell Murder case.

The further accused the LNP of dragging its feet in the process of justice for the family of the murdered girl.

According to reports, Assistant Justice Minister for Litigation Wesseh A. Wesseh said the family has brought into the country a “medical consultant who is not a pathologist” but they have insisted that he conducts the autopsy.

Wesseh said the government the family that the person imported into the country may be allowed to monitor the autopsy so as to make it more transparent, but the family insists that they don’t trust the process and want the consultant to do the autopsy.

The government equally rejected the family’s position, saying that the family consultant cannot perform the autopsyon ground that doing so would dilute the whole process.

In the main time LINSU and the family of the deceased are expressing distrust of the justice system, and banding together by blocking the flow of traffic plying the Capitol By-Pass easily in hopes that the powers that be will heard their concerns.

As the angry crowd of students and family members blocked the street, the Liberia National Police fruitlessly exerted efforts calm the protesters.

The 21-year-old lady died at the ELWA Hospital after she reportedly discovered unconscious at the home of Rev. Giddings in Duazhon, Margibi County.

The death of Odell rocked the City as accusing fingers were pointed to Rev. Giddings for being responsible for the death of the student, who was found with blood oozing from her ears. It was speculated that she was abused and pushed down from a building in the yard of Rev. Giddings, but the Liberian prelate denied any involvement.

As the rigmarole ensured, public sentiments came into play as police delay investigative autopsy on the body to establish cause of death.

It was at this point that LINSU collaborating with the family of the deceased staged a protest demonstration which preceded protest threats by the family of the deceased Sherman to protest.

Odell’s corpse is at present at the St. Moses Funeral Parlor in Gardnersville, while autopsy is expected to establish the cause of death in the face of confusion attending the current death certificate produced by the hospital in early June.

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