LiNCA Chair Arrives in Ghana -At Invitation of AU and Ghanaian Counterpart

MONROVIA – The first Chairman and lead campaigner for the establishment of the Liberia National Commission on Arms (LiNCA), Atty. Teklo Maxwell Grigsby, II has arrived safely in Accra, Ghana ahead of an experience sharing retreat In Akosombo, Eastern Ghana.

The LiNCA Chairman was extended invitation by the African Union (AU) and the Ghana National Commission on Small Arms to share insights on the processes and procedures, innovation and strategies used by Liberia in passing two critical acts into Law for the control of Conventional Arms including Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW).

It can be recalled that since Chairman Grigsby was appointed at the then Liberia National Commission on Small Arms before the Acts that establish it was repealed to be amended for the establishment of what is now known as “the Arms Commission”, Atty. Grigsby emphasized that Liberia should set into motion a regulatory framework for the control of all Conventional Arms.

Today, Liberia has become a positive example of what a country can do to rewrite its ugly history about the misuse of Arms and Ammunition and commit to the unconditional implementation of national and international Laws, Treaties, Conventions and Protocol geared towards the effective control of Arms and ammunition.

Chairman Grigsby has greatly inspired Heads of Small Arms Commission in West Africa and has attracted the attention of major donors and partners in the Arms Control Sector.

His invaluable expertise to help the Ghana National Commission on Small Arms develop credible, reliable and forward thinking legislation is worth emulating.

The retreat scheduled for Thursday to Saturday, February 23- 25, 2023 will bring together donors and partners to include the European Union, Bonn International Center for Conflict Studies (BICC), Ghana National Commission on Small Arms, Members of the Ghanaian Parliament as well as Office of the Attorney General of Ghana and CSOs.

Congratulations to this young and highly quintessential leader, Atty. Grigsby, who continue to make the young people proud in the Governance process of our dear country, the Republic of Liberia.

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