LIMITA Lauds Dean’s Nomination -Says he’s a “Man of Integrity”

MONROVIA: The Board of Directors of the Liberia Media Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (LIMITA) has welcomed and lauded the recent nomination of Cllr. Frank Musah Dean, Jr. President George M. Weah as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia and “sees him as a man of integrity” and the best decision that would serve the interest of Liberia and the country’s jurisprudence.

In a special statement extolling the nomination of Cllr. Minister Frank Musa Dean as Associate Justice to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Liberia, LIMITA said as the country enters in the phase of transition, “We think that the learned Counselor has all it takes to occupy such a post, judging from his past and present performances.”

Over the past six years of the Weah led administration, LIMITA noted that Cllr.  Dean has demonstrated competence, capability, and professionalism in discharging his duties as Minister of Justice of the Republic of Liberia, pointing out that their findings of Cllr. Dean’s performance has proven that the Justice Minister has always stood his ground and has never wavered or succumbed to external influence in terms of ensuring that the right thing is done.

“Notably, Cllr. Musah Dean Jr., during his tenure as Justice Minister and Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia was steadfast in making insightful impact such as seeking extradition for alleged gun smugglers, unbiased in the dispensation of justice, and issuing a non-restriction on the enjoyment of constitutional rights,” said the statement signed by LIMITA’s Chairman Benedict Padmore

The group recalled that it was under the watch of Cllr. Frank Musa Dean Jr. that several mass protests and demonstrations were staged by major opposition blocs peacefully without any major casualties, incident, or accident, even though they did not seek permission from the Ministry of Justice.

“He has also been credited for presiding over the Ministry of Justice during the conduct of the just ended 2023 presidential and general elections which was declared free, fair, and transparent,” the LIMITA maintained.

With these references, LIMITA and its Board of Directors said they can safely assure the public that Cllr. Frank Musah Dean Jr. will discharge his duties without fear, intimidation, or external influence, and therefore urge the Liberian Senate, the body that is responsible for confirmation to kindly do the needful by confirming the justice minister who they said is “noble and humble” to the Supreme Court Bench so that he will continue to contribute to the growth and development of the country.

“We are of the strongest conviction that Cllr. Musah Dean Jr. is indeed the right choice to fill in that void” created by the resignation of Justice Joseph Nagbe from the Bench, LIMITA concluded its statement.

The statement by the Liberia Media Initiative for Transparency and Accountability has been issued at heels of criticisms of the appointment of Justice Minister Dean to replace Justice Nagbe. Critics of the appointment sees the appointment as an attempt by the Weah Administration to plant a stooge at the Supreme Court who may influence key decisions that may be taken before the court by the incoming Unity Party Government of President-elect Boakai in its drive to hold the outgoing officials of government accountable for its stewardship fort the past six years.

The critics are of the opinion that although this may be the intention of this appointment of the incumbent Justice Minister to the nation’s highest Court, they however acknowledged the fact that such will not work as decisions are taken by votes of the five justices on the Supreme Court.

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  1. Jake Doe says

    This news is simply a paid-to-play disinformation TO HIDE THE VERY DIRTY, INCOMPETENT, AND CORRUPT PUBLIC RECORDS OF a Frank Musa Dean who IS TOO corrupt and TOO incompetent to sit on the Bench of the Supreme Court.

    In other words, besides the reality that having Musa Dean on the Supreme Court Bench is the extremely dangerous fact and reality of jam-packing the Bench with ANOTHER STOOGE OF CORRUPT Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who has highjacked our democracy and metamorphosed it into HER OWN TYRANNY, FPA is

    (1) here furtively and fraudulently doing everything to emit the FALSE IMPRESSION that Transparency International has endorsed this WEIRD NOMINATION which

    (2) even the Press Secretariat of the Presidency, the Ministry of Information and the Presidency in totality have by all implications, distanced themselves.

    Just retrospect the soiled corrupt hands in the NOCAL BONUS SCANDAL IN WHICH Frank MUSA DEAN WAS ONE OF THE MAIN CULPRITS.

    OR BETTER STILL, THE OIL BLOCKS SCANDALS. Not to even mention the national embarrassment when this very CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT Musa Dean did not know what constitutional action to take in the NECs certification or noncertification of Brownie Samukai!

    Or the very poor handling of those drug smugglers who escaped justice proper as the result of the ignorance and incompetence of Musa Dean.

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