“Lift Students Politics at UL” Rep. Kolubah Urges Pres. Weah

By: John Dennis Weah, Jr.

Montserrado County District # 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has challenged President George Manneh Weah and the government to lift the ban on student politics on the University of Liberia campus if they have respect for the rule of law.

Rep Kolubah made the statement when he addressed cheering supporters who gathered on the grounds of the Liberty Party to witness a joint press conference held by four opposition political parties in reaction to the State of the Nation Address.

“If the president thinks he respects the rule of law then the ban on ‘student politics’ at the campus of the University of Liberia should be lifted,” the lawmaker said. According to Rep. Kolubah, President Weah used the same students to climb the ladder to the presidency, “and it is the same ladder he will use to come down, he asserted in a special remarks at the close of the press conference”.

After the reading of the four collaborating political parties’ statement by Unity Party Chairman Wilmot Paye on Monday, January 28, 2019, Rep. Kolubah in his remarks said that he was on his way to join the ranks and file of the opposition bloc.

He told the gathering of supporters who went to grace the collaborating press conference, “I decided to come here and listen to something good and not to be at a place where the president is calling the Vice President, Madam President,” he asserted.

The Representative also stressed the need for lawmakers of the various opposition political parties to be party discipline and not cowards that will leave one party to another, but to be able to listen to the leaderships of their respective parties whenever they are called upon. He added that the President had said nothing other than to state how he has enriched himself.

Kolubah stated that he challenged President Weah to make available a bank statement from 2017 December to 2018 December before he took power in any of his accounts bearing 20,000USD. He promised in an affirmative tune welcomed by applause “I will resign if he does that.”

The District # 10 lawmaker also recalled that Bishop Isaac Winker of the Dominion Christian Fellowship made a statement that critics of the government would die. But he reacted, however. “Instead predicting the death of opposition members critical of the president, he, Bishop Winker will be the one to die, because the opposition will not stop criticizing the government until the right thing is done.

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