By Bai M. Gbala, Sr.

The Liberian electronic and written media is inundated by debates regarding “Liberians are related”.

Indeed, that Liberians are related is a profound, very powerful traditional Truth and reality; but has become, in 21st century Liberia-Africa, a total cope-out and cesspool of corruption for the very few dishonest, graft & greedy, extremely materialistic, disloyal and unpatriotic, so-called “politicians”, a colonial inheritance based upon race and/or socio-cultural segregation-discrimination.

The Liberian-African traditional social, cultural super-structure of the household, the family, village, clan, tribe and nation-state is held together by the Liberian-African Maxim, “be thy brother’s/sister’s keeper” – that is uphold, defend and protect him/her against physical danger, poverty, hunger and other related social calamities for the survival of society and the individual citizen.

It is for these reasons that laws are proposed, debated and passed in the interest of society as a whole and persons as individuals, not only for the very few, as in the cases of the dayof those who build mansions, castles, buy top-of-the-line vehicles, salary/wage allowances of portable electricity generators with fuel and service, foreign/domestic travel, foreign health trips, etc., etc. The laws are diligently enforced, in the past, fairly and openly with possible punishment of the death penalty; for, the survival of society is greater than any criminal individual.

This tradition, therefore, should and must continue; Liberians should and must go back to the drawing table, back to basics, and elect, as their political leaders, individuals who demonstrate commitment to honesty, loyalty and patriotism to the Liberian-African tradition. This, is  doable; for, there are many Liberians so-committed.

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