Liberian Journalist wins 3rd prize at international essay competition

An essay written by Liberian Journalist Nicholas Dweh Nimley, has won the 3rd prize, after its selection as the third best and outstanding essay in an international essay competition, organized by the Chinese Government through the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Journalist Nicholas Dweh Nimley, is a former Editor of The NEWS Newspaper, and currently an Editor at the New Covenant Outreach Ministries Online Television, and also a freelance journalist at China Daily Africa.

He is expected to receive his prize at an award ceremony via video-link on Monday December 20, 2021.

The essay, according to the organizer, was aimed at better understanding views of young Africans on the traditional friendship and cooperation between China and Africa; and to give better play to the important role of young Africans in promoting China-Africa comprehensive strategic partnership.

It was also about ways China-Africa traditional friendship could be improved, in terms of suggestions, to further enhance the development of China-Africa cooperation, as well as the achievements and experience of the CPC’s centenary.

Journalist Nimley essay was Titled: Traditional Friendship and Mutually Beneficial and Win-Win Cooperation between China and Africa.

He said that thousands of academicians, journalists, political analysts, young cadets from political institutions in Africa and from around the world took part in the competition.

The Liberian journalist pointing to some of the highlights in his writings said that many Africans thought that China’s involvement or coming to the continent could not have had a huge impact, due to the fact that China was a stranger that needed more time to understand the continent and its people.

He revealed that language barriers were another factor that Africans believe they needed to cope with, adding that while Africans were having these thoughts about understanding China, Chinese investors, tourists, and diplomats were exploring the continent in all manners, seeking to help the continent of Africa the best ways they could in education, job creation and infrastructure development.

According to him, there are no precondition clauses attached between China and African countries; instead, mutual agreement in the spirit of coordination and cooperation is at the core.

He explained that China is winning on one hand, while Africa is also winning on cooperation, on the other hand.

“These levels of cooperation are gradually transforming the face of the continent, building human resource capabilities, and enhancing infrastructure deficit”.

However, he indicated that since China has made remarkable achievements in its fight against poverty, with nearly 700 million people being taken out of poverty; there should be a transfer of knowledge to help Africa deal with the existing threats of poverty on the continent.

He added that African economies will not be sustained if the issue of poverty cannot be addressed, noting, that’s why Africa needs the technical insight from China on ways its people can be taken out of poverty.

In addition, he said that enhancing the traditional and mutually beneficial friendship also requires that both sides should make huge strides in addressing the language barriers to further cement the partnership.

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