Liberian-born makes Strides in US Army

Sergeant First Class Wilfred Komoh Winn is a US-based, Liberian-born service member in the United States Army. SFC Winn, who is currently visiting Liberia (to include a tour of several towns in River Gee) has been making strides in the US Army. He was born in Jarkaken, a populous town in River Gee County. He spent his early childhood in Jarkaken, where he attended Kaytoken, Jr High School. In his early teens, he traveled to Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, where he attended Antoinette Tubman Day School, and later, he attended Robert Baker Richardson Baptist High School. In early 1990s, SFC Winn relocated to Tabou, Ivory Coast, as a refugee.
In 1994, SFC Winn immigrated to the United States. He attended Maria de Hostos Community College of the City University of New York (CUNY) in the Bronx, New York City. Later, he attended Drury University at Saint Robert, MO. In September 2001, SFC Winn enlisted in the United States Army as a cargo specialist (a logistics specialist), his professor sent him around the world, including three tours to Iraq, a tour to South Korea, a tour to Afghanistan, and a humanitarian tour to Liberia during the Ebola crisis.
During his tour in Liberia, SFC Winn headed a 23-soldier material handling equipment (MHE) team at the Roberts International Airport for six months, downloaded and shipped supplies to National Police Academy, the US Embassy, Springs Field, the Port City of Buchanan and other places around the country. SFC Winn is career soldier, with nearly 18 years in the active service in the United Stated States.

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