Liberian Academician Extols Father Robert Tikpor -Says Legacy Will Never Be Forgotten

The Dean of Barbara Jordan Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University, George Klay Kieh, Jr.  has described Catholic’s Priest Father Robert Tikpor as an iconic personality whose legacy against every form of societal vices in Liberia will never be forgotten in contemporary times.

Serving as guest speaker at the formal launch of the annual Father Robert Tikpor Leadership Award organized by the Grassroots Agency for Social Services (GRASS) at a local hotel in Monrovia over the weekend, the Liberian academician intimated that he is quite delighted that Dr. Tikpor is given his flowers, while he’s still alive. He further said he was honored and privileged to have been asked by the leaders of the Grassroots Agency for Social Services to deliver the Keynote Address on this special occasion.

Dr. Kieh added that he has known Monsignor Dr. Father Tikpor at two major levels. The first he added, is that his life is a model of God’s required service, especially in defense of the marginalized, the poor, disadvantaged and forgotten. The second, according to him, is as a dear friend of his father.

Reflecting on the Catholic’s Priest on the theme “A MODEL OF THE CHRIST-CENTERED LIFE:  CELEBRATING THE LEGACY OF MONSIGNOR DR. FATHER ROBERT TIKPOR”,  Dr. Kieh indicated that Father Tikpor’s years of dedicated services are grounded in his obedience to God’s calling.

“God created each of us for a purpose. And we can only know our calling, if we inquire from the Lord. But because God gave us a free will, the Lord does not compel us to pursue our calling”, adding that in this vein, even when we know our calling, some of us still disobey God by pursuing other careers, because we deem them to be more profitable to us.

The political icon stressed that in the case of the brilliance of Father Tikpor, he obeyed God’s calling on his life to “feed the Master’s sheep.”

Dr. Kieh said because of Father Tikpor’s obedience, God built his foundation for his selfless service to humanity, pointing out that the retired Catholic Prelate’s foundation is anchored on the fear of God, and several major resulting principles.

Earlier, the National Program Coordinator of GRASS, K. M. Barley Togba commended the guests for turning out to give flowers to whom honor is due.

He said in these times of national social and moral reflection, there can be no one that is better suited to be named after this leadership award than the singular crier against every form of societal vices, the well-known and out spoken Catholic Priest.

To those that received the Father Robert Tikpor Leadership award, the GRASS’ National Program Coordinator reminded them to continue to excel not for themselves but for their fellow Liberians and humanity so that when their trumpet sounds, history will always remember them.

“We are watching every step of yours; let your light so shine amongst you so that when mankind sees HIS deeds, the HOLY FATHER’s name will be glorified,” Mr. Togbah told the honorees, Reports, Rudolph G. Gborkeh.

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