“Liberia Needs Nation Builders” -Bishop Kortu Brown Says “Not Just Job Seekers”

MONROVIA: As Liberia transitions to a new dispensation, the former President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Bishop Kortu K. Brown, has underscored the need for Liberia to be a country of seeking and promoting “nation-builders, and not one for just job seekers”. According to an expert review, “Nation builders are individuals who play a crucial role in constructing or shaping a national identity within a state”, Bishop Brown said.

Bishop Brown, who is the General Overseer of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church  said the efforts of national builders  “contribute to the long-term stability and viability of the nation…” while “nation-building means creating a country that functions out of a non-functioning one – either because the old one has been destroyed in a war, has fallen apart, or never really worked properly…”

He was speaking at a weeklong intercessory prayer for the youths of the church and country by the Youth Fellowship of the New Water in the Desert Assembly of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church.

The General Overseer of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church averred that part of the challenge Liberia faces is that the country has more job seekers than nation-builders. “In order words, many Liberians who opted for public office do not do so because they care not to create a country that functions out of a non-functioning one, like the civil war made Liberia, but that their preoccupation is to find a job to take care of them and their families”, wondering whether “when we see Liberia, do we see a new country coming out of the old country – or the prewar nation.”

“This is the sad state of Liberia”, the former President of the Liberia Council of Churches said, quoting the biblical book of 1 Samuel Chapter 16 verse 7 to emphasize the challenge of choosing people we don’t know to serve in the public square because of their countenance and height.

“God warned the prophet Samuel against choosing a replacement for King Saul based on the physical look and height of the person because He, God, doesn’t see the way man sees. Man looks on the outside while God looks on the heart”, he added.

Bishop Brown challenged the new government to rise up and go beyond just responding to people seeking jobs but to search and identify nation-builders who are able to help create a NEW nation because the old Liberia didn’t work properly, fell apart and got destroyed by civil war.

He further challenged the Government to decentralize the 10,000-IT-Youth program by reaching out to about 100 existing computer centers across the country to train about 100 youths each during the next 6 months.

Accordingly, Bishop Brown said requesting 100 already existing computer centers to train 100 youths each will enable 10,000 or more members of the youth trained in six months and also create jobs for other people.

The Pentecostal cleric suggested that to fight poverty, the Government will have to create a specific structure that will enable it to directly engage and fight poverty in the country which is chronic and excruciating.

“I propose that President Boakai consider the setting up of a ‘Commission on Poverty Eradication’ (COPE) to uplift the People’s Standard of Life,” Bishop Brown averred, saying that the goal of the poverty program will be to fight hunger, hardship and destitution, and help create opportunities for ordinary and vulnerable Liberians to be lifted out of poverty.

He encouraged the young people to continue to pray for better Liberians and for young people to rise and take leadership roles in the transformation of their lives.

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