Liberia-Guinea Agree on Adherence To Rail Corridor Deal Timetable -End 3-Day Intergovernmental Confab in Monrovia

At the end of a three-day Intergovernmental Conference involving Guinea and Liberia in Monrovia, both parties have agreed on the need to adhere to the established timetable for the operationalization of the implementation of an agreement to establish a rail corridor between the two countries, while also facilitating   the movement of people and agricultural products.

Press release from the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism (MICAT) says the Monrovia gathering evaluated the progress that has been made so far, including the ratification of the Implementation Agreement by Liberia; the advancement of administrative procedure for granting Access Rights for eligible Guinean mining projects to existing Infrastructure in Liberia; and the establishment of the Technical Secretariat of the Monitoring Committee.

A Joint Communique issued at the end of the meeting conveyed the appreciation of the Guinean delegates to President George M. Weah and the entire Liberian government for hosting the conference, while expressing the Monitoring Committee’s willingness to “carefully examine” any proposals that will help make the deal operational.

The Administration of President Weah has been keen on fast-tracking the rail deal – discussed now for many years by both countries – which stands  to bring enormous economic benefits to the two neighbors, including the creation of jobs and the development of transport infrastructure, the MICAT release signed by Information Minister Ledgerhood J. Rennie said.

At a state dinner hosted for the delegates, the MICAT release said the Liberia leader encouraged them to move fast, noting that while it was important to respect the protocols of the agreement, “I urge that we keep our individual and collective eyes on the prize, so as to achieve the desired outcome”.

Concluding, the release said the President reminded the officials from both countries of the responsibility they had: “One day, our children will ask each and every one of us: What did we do with the power and responsibility that had been bestowed upon you as leaders of your two Nations?  Which answer will we give?  Did we only talk, and fail?  Or did we walk the walk, and succeed?”

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