Liberia Drives Reforms at IMO

Liberia’s proposal for International Maritime Organization (IMO) Council reform relative to the expansion of the Membership of Council and increase in the duration of the tenure of the Council was unanimously endorsed by the Working Group at the121 Council session of the IMO currently taking place in London.

It can be recalled that it was the 1993 amendment that moved the Council Membership to 40 from 32.

Members of the Liberian Delegation attending the 121 Council Session of the IMO include, Dr. James F. Kollie, Commissioner/ Head of delegation, Isaac Jackson, Jr. Permanent Representative to the IMO, Harry Conway, Alternate Permanent Representative, as well as Mrs. Grace Vaye-Nuhn; Theophilus Gardiner and Assistant Minister Sylvester Pewee.

Additionally, Liberia convincingly argued that there was a need to increase the tenure for the Council member from 2year to 4 year; because, according to Liberia, the current two year tenure-ship places huge burden on Member states in preparation for campaign related activities every two year.

The Council currently comprises of 40 Members states, with a two-year tenure. But, Liberia led an argument for the expansion of the IMO Council Membership from 40 member states to 50 Member states that will be expressed in percentage term considering that the membership of the IMO currently stands at 174.

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