Liberia Commences Breast Feeding Week -As Health Officials Calls for Breast By Feeding Among Baby Mothers

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr. –

The Director of the Nutrition Division at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Annette Brima Davis, has called for a robust and practical approach to exclusive breast feeding mainly amongst child-bearing mothers across Liberia.

According to her, breasting feeding a child for the first one thousand days of his/her life is very important, and should be prioritized by all baby mothers.

Dr. Davis spoke to our reporter ahead of the official launch of this year’s breast feeding week, which is expected to be held in Buchanan City – Grand Bassa County. The Health Ministry’s Director for the Nutrition Division further said it is now time for massive awareness to ensure that the current percentage of women neglecting breast feeding at 36% is reduce to 22% as of 2030.

She then called on baby mothers to see the need to always breast feed their kids properly, especially for children as early as one-day old to six months noting that even up to two years is also a good health practice.

Also speaking to our reporter was the Infant and Young Child Feeding Coordinator at the Ministry of Education, Madam Regina Moore, who encouraged baby mothers not to be ashamed of their duty to feed their children through nutritional breast milk.

Madam Moore said national government is fully committed to the promotion of breast milk and is working with all relevant partners to ensure said good health practice is implemented nationally.

She explained that the Ministries of Health and Education are currently carrying on massive awareness and education campaign in various communities and across the Country to encourage baby mothers see breast feeding as key to their children’s early lives.

At the same time, the Nutritional Supervisor of the Montserrado County Health Team, Vicky Bundor, said 45% of baby-mothers in Liberia  are reluctant to breast feed their  babies due to lack of proper education and knowledge among baby mothers, perception that baby mothers’ breast are not producing sufficient milk, and sex purposes and many others.

However, she encouraged baby mothers to love and provide proper care for their babies so that they will grow healthy for future leadership.

Madam Bundor urged baby mothers to eat enough regularly, and to ensure that they provide proper care for their children.

The three health officials also called on husbands, family members and other relevant individuals to help in supporting baby mothers in order to ensure that they provide the necessary care and protection for the future leaders.

This year’ Breast Feeding week activities are taking place in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County where a Food Security and Nutrition survey shows that 41% of children in that part of Liberia are malnourished.

Nevertheless, Madam Bundor said they are working very hard to help address said issue, but was also quick to mention that breasting by baby mothers is very critical to prevent infant mal-nutrition in the country.

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