Liberia, Barbados Establishes Formal Diplomatic Relations

MONROVIA: On February 27, 2024, the Republic of Liberia and Barbados formally established diplomatic ties at a notable signing event in Accra, Ghana. The Liberian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Her Excellency Sara Beysolow Nyanti, signed the agreement on Liberia’s behalf, while Madam Juliette Babb-Riley, Head of Mission of the Barbados High Commission, represented Barbados.

The ceremony represents a significant moment, following discussions initiated by the Liberian Embassy in Accra with the Barbados High Commission. Led by Minister Beysolow Nyanti, these talks focused on the benefits of enhancing South-South cooperation.

During the ceremony, Minister Beysolow Nyanti reflected on the historical connections between the two nations, starting with the arrival of 365 Barbadians in Liberia aboard the Brig Cora in 1865. She noted the impact of Barbadians on Liberian history, including contributions from notable figures such as former presidents Edwin J. Barclay and Arthur Barclay, former Chief Justice Louis Arthur Grimes, former Secretary of State J. Rudolph Grimes, political activist Albert Porte, and journalist Rodney Sieh.

In the weeks leading up to the ceremony, Minister Nyanti’s office worked with the High Commission of Barbados to identify potential collaborative ventures. This includes a proposed partnership with Barbados’s National Training Initiative to bolster Liberian workforce skills through shared knowledge and technology in professional development.

The new diplomatic relationship aligns with Liberia’s foreign policy goals, aiming to enhance engagement with Caribbean nations and seek opportunities in tourism, trade, and investment. It also envisions cooperation in tourism, including human resources training in partnership with Bajan educational institutions, and cultural exchanges involving festivals and event management.

Furthermore, the two nations plan to honor the legacy of Louis Arthur Grimes through an annual legal lecture series, share expertise in marine resource management to support Liberia’s blue economy, and explore trade agreements, including air travel connections and green energy initiatives. These efforts are designed to strengthen the bond and mutual prosperity of Liberia and Barbados.

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