“LET’S MAKE IT WORK” -Pres. Weah Says of Pro-Poor Agenda Policy Framework

President Gerorge Weah has rallied fellow compatriots to support his government’s pro-poor agenda in order to make succeed. Launching his administration’s much publicized Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity (PADP), the Liberian Chief Executive implored Liberians from far and near to take ownership of the PADP policy framework so that it can benefit all Liberians, The Analyst’s Varney Kamara reports.

As important as the government’s newly inaugurated Pro-Poor Agenda policy (PADP) framework is, President George Manneh Weah says all Liberians must take charge of the plan in order to truly make it work in line with its objectives.
Addressing government officials, foreign dignitaries and local officials in Ganta City – Nimba County, the Liberian leader described the PADP as a true reflection of his dream and aspiration to see his fellowmen lifted out of poverty and economic stagnation.
In the coming six years, the PADP framework hopes to create a middle class economy in the country and addressed wild challenges in every sector, including targeting specific programs such as infrastructure development (road connectivity), education, health, human capita, youth and women’s empowerment, youth employment, amongst others.
“When we promised the Liberian people that we wanted to lead in order to bring change to this country, the Pro-Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity is what we dreamed of and envision for our people,” the president said.
President enunciated that the PADP is the people’s policy. “This policy is yours, let’s promote it. Let’s make it to work in the best interest of all Liberians,” President Weah urged fellow compatriots at the Ganta-PADP official inauguration, describing the event as a historic moment.
He added: “Today is a historical day.” The President also praised the Almighty God for guiding his leadership. Every day of my life, [I] thank the Almighty God for making me to lead the Liberian people. I pray that he (God) will continue to strengthen my dreams and aspirations to lead my people. When I was elected to lead the CDC (Congress for Democratic Change) these dreams and vision were part of my policy framework.”
The President also expatiated that his government, despite spending just nine months in office, has started to deliver the goods, saying, “With just nine months in office, we’ve already started to deliver the goods.”
As a way of ensuring that his government continues to deliver on its promises, the President also announced that he would continue to be in extensive conversation with development partners for the sole purpose of lifting Liberians out of poverty.
“As a national development plan for the government in the next five years, the policy is a national framework for the government that was developed by Liberians.
The President therefore said Liberians need to promote it and make it to work. Our pro-poor agenda is there to improve the lives of our people, including empowering them to become productive citizens.”
In the coming five years, President Weah also announced what would happen: “We will invest in our people, especially in our health and educational sectors. We will invest in national security so that our people do not live in fear. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in order to make this plan work, we’ll do everything to use every opportunity available to us to make it work.”
Emphasizing the importance of reconciling the country, President Weah said in the country cannot progress in the absence of genuine reconciliation amongst Liberians. “We cannot achieve anything in the absence of reconciliation. We must reconcile the reconcilable,” President asserted.
He also pledged his personal commitment to making the PADP work. “I pledge my personal support to making this agenda work for our people. I pledge my fullest support to make this happen hence, let’s own this plan, let work for it, and let’s make it work.”
The Liberian leader also hailed all those who made the Pro-Poor Agenda launching a grand success, saying, “I want to thank everyone who made this day a success. Fellow Liberians, once again, this is the Bible for prosperity. Let’s make it to work. Let’s promote it.”

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