Lenn Eugene Nagbe Takes On JNB Team -Calls Them Cabal of Budget Manipulators

MONROVIA: The Commissioner General of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LIMA) Mr. Lenn Eugene Nagbe has taken on the Unity Party Standard Bearer Joseph Nyumah Boakai, revealing that there were increments in the budget of the Office of the former Vice President totaling USD20m for office expenditures and additional USD15m for Youth programs directly under the Office of the Vice President.

Wondering how can Mr. Boakai be called” RESCUER” when he walloped in luxury of taxpayers monies for over a decade, Maritime Commissioner Nagbe, who heads the Coalition for Democratic Change Special Engagement & Strategies Committee, also noted that Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence has endorsed Joseph Boakai more times than she even did for Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine and all of those endorsements have not landed JNB to the Presidency, describing the Grand Bassa County senator’s endorsement of the Unity Party Standard Bearer as “noise of her endorsement that is a mere hype”.

The CDC stalwart who served in the Unity Party Government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as a cabinet minister in charge of the Post & Telecommunication and Information ministries at different intervals, made the disclosures when he appeared on the State Radio, ELBC recently.

He referred to Representative Yekeh Kolubah as Old Road Ma Cuss King Kong, while describing Senator Nyonblee as Endorsement Champion”

On road Construction by the CDC regime, Nagbe boasted that the George Weah Administration has done more roads than Joseph Boakai’s Unity Party government headed by Madam Sirleaf, and pointed out that in 2018, only 745 km roads were paved and at present a total of 1,305km has been paved under the George Weah’s Administration.

He chided JNB for what he called “lies” about ensuring that in 90 days,” all roads in Liberia will be passable”

All of the senators including Nyonblee, Biney, Dillon etc who are claiming to be “Rescuers”, Mr. Nagbe asserted, signed all the budgets under the CDC-led government, and blaming President Weah, saying that he remained baffled on how can these group of senators now be grouping to call themselves ” RESCUERS.”

He cautioned the oppositions to run on their “RECORDS”, referring to them as “Cabal of Budget Manipulators who want to steal from the Liberian people”

But commentators on the Power FM, a local radio station, discounted the criticisms by Commissioner Nagbe who they referred to as hustler.

“Eugene Nagbe is not a credible person to lend credence to. He is a person who jumps from one government at the expense of the previous government he served.

The Commentators, who were apparently analyzing his criticisms of the current Unity Party leader noted that Mr. Nagbe use the reputation of Charles Taylor and George Weah to find his way from the NPP regime to the Unity Party regime, and jump back to the CDC that he once despised by using the UP government of Madam Sirleaf as evident by his public comments

The analysts noted that the Weah administration is building community roads selectively, and want to take credit for roads built by the |Unity Party government which has economic dividends and relevance to the country.

A caller warned Mr. Nagbe to clean his back yard before engaging credible people who mean well for the country.

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