Legal Dragnet Closes on Idrissa Mansary -As Tienii Magisterial Court Orders His Brother Ansu’s Arrest -Others Arrested, Arraigned, to be tried in Robertsport

In the wake of the recent post-electoral violence in Grand Cape Mount County wherein supporters of defeated Senator Victor Watson reportedly attacked and assaulted supporters of Mr. Simeon Taylor who were jubilating in the streets of Mano River Kongo after learning that the National Elections Commission had declared Mr. Taylor winner of the December 8, 2, 2020 midterm senatorial election, the Magisterial Court of Tienii City, Grand Cape Mount County, has ordered the arrest of Mr. Ansu Mansaray and others on charges of aggravated assault. As The Analyst has gathered from its Grand Cape Mount County (GCMC) correspondent, the arrest order came about due to complaints filed by two of the severely wounded victims, Morris Gray and Steve Nagbe.

According to the Writ of Arrest filed by the Tiennii Magisterial Court on July 8, 2021, Magisterial Officer Foday Sesay or his deputy had been commanded to arrest the living body of Ansu Mansaray et al, defendants of Mano River Kongo, and forthwith bring them before the Tienii Magisterial Court to answer to the charges of Aggravated Assault levied against them based upon oath and complaint of the Republic of Liberia by and through the complainants.

The Tienii Magisterial Court further stated that the Tienii police depot had presented to the court a charge sheet charging the above-mentioned defendants with the crime of Aggravated Assault.

“According to the charge sheet, you defendants, residents of the Mano River Kongo, unlawfully, intentionally, went and set a gang, group and attacked complainants while they were celebrating the victory of Hon. Simeon Taylor. You further went on and wounded complainant Steve Nagbe on his right hand, and complainant Morris Gray was also wounded on his left-hand side of his face. And you, defendant Ansu said that anyone get on the street you will surely kill him,” the Writ, a copy of which in the possession of The Analyst, stated categorically.

Five Culprits head to Roberstsport Say Cllr. Arthus Johnson Their Lawyer

Meanwhile, the Tienii Magisterial Court has transferred to Robertsport five culprits who were arrested by the Liberia National Police ERU Unit following the Friday, July 2, 2021 Mano River Kongo violence and sent to Tienii.

According to the City Solicitor of the Tienii Magisterial Court, Atty. Edwin Kopoi, the case is being transferred to Robertsport, the capital city of Grand Cape Mount County, because Tienii does not have the legal jurisdiction to try cases of such grave magnitude as aggravated assault.

“We are transferring the five suspects to Robertsport where the Court has the jurisdiction to try such a case. The suspects will leave for Robersport tomorrow,” Atty. Kopoi told The Analyst Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

When our GCMC correspondent was given the opportunity to speak directly with the suspects, one of the suspects disclosed that they (the accused) are being represented by Cllr. Arthur Johnson. They also stated that, although they do not know the present location of Ansu Mansaray, the brother of Sierra Leonean businessman Idrissa Mansaray who allegedly gave the order to Ansu and others to attack, maim and kill anyone celebrating over Mr. Simeon Taylor victory, they know for sure that Mr. Idrissa Mansaray is currently in Mano River Kongo.

The information from the accused was further corroborated by victim Morris Gray who informed this paper that indeed, Idrissa Mansaray is in Mano River Kongo. “Idrissa is telling the people that no one can do anything to him,” Mr. Gray said.

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