LEC Wire Victim Cries Out For Help

By: Stephen Fellajuah

A lady identified as Betty Menyon who was recently victimized by a tension wire belonging to the  Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) is crying out for assistance from the Government of Liberia after alleging that she was abandoned by the management of LEC since the unfortunate situation occurred over a month ago which has subjected her to pain and suffering.

She specifically wants the management of LEC to pay her accumulated medical bills and provide other care for her and children. She said though the LEC through its ELWA sub-station supervisor only identified as Mr. Lawrence promised that the management to pay the bill has failed.

Ms Menyon got badly burned by the tension wire on November 27, 2021 when she went on her usual search for survival at the Boulevard rock crushing ground to look for her family daily bread as a single parent of five teenage children and since then had been hospitalized at the ELWA hospital without the LEC management showing concern.

The situation seemed to be getting worse by the day and the doctor of the ELWA hospital in Paynesville had announced that Madam Menyon will have to go through some major surgical operation to help her to be physically normal as she was.

Speaking in an interview over the weekend at the ELWA hospital,  Ms Menyon narrated that on the 27 of November 2021, after crushing rock she was resting along with her friend when a storm came and resulted into a heavy rain at which time the LEC tension wire dropped on her body causing serious wounds.

She disclosed that following the incident, she informed the supervisor from the ElWA and Boulevard LEC sub-station Mr. Lawrence who visited her and  gave 50 USD  to her and said the management was going to help her with her bills, something she says the LEC  is yet to do because they are not coming around.

She continued, “I have been discharged but  I can’t go home because I’m still in pains and other skin test needs to be carried out but there’s no money for the medical treatments”, adding that she needs the upper hands of LEC to intervene in the situation at hand because she cannot do anything for herself and her children currently.

“I am dying slowly because nobody will help me pay my bill. My body is hot within and I have another operation to undergo if i will live as normal again. The LEC management promised to help with the bill but since they left from here and provided 50 United States dollars that was the end” she tearfully explained.

“Is it because I am poor and I have nobody to talk to me about the LEC management treating me this way, ” she wondered. Because I have no husband, I am a single mother fighting for the future of my five teenage children. Now, I am appealing to the government and everyone to help me so I can stand on my feet again to find food for my children and give them education.”

An eyewitness identified as Bindu Freeman also said that there was a fire that caught on the LEC pole that caused the wire to drop.

“After the rain that day heavy fire caught on the pole. That was the time the wire dropped while we were fighting for our lives. That was the time I saw a group of guys surrounding Betty to help her when she fell on the ground. It was when I realized that she got affected by the tension wire”. Bindu said

Ms Freeman who is also a rock crusher further said that LEC workers went on the scene that day and changed the wires so it was surprising to her that Betty Menyon hasn’t gotten help from the LEC since the incident.

However when contacted, the Assistant  Manager for Communications affairs of the Liberia Electricity Corporation madam Verity Sonkarlay in a telephone conversation said she awaits response from the upper management before disclosing information regarding the situation at hand.

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