Leaked LP-CPP Tapes, Biggest Political Conspiracy and Deception in Liberia -Says Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan

In an exclusive interview recently on the popular program, Politics and Governance, on Focus On Liberia (FOL), Liberia’s infectious disease scientist and political activist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, has described the leaked tapes of the Liberty Party as the biggest political deception and conspiracy by a political party against another within the same alliance during this period in Liberia.

In the tape, Mr. Elder Jallah, the National Vice Chairman of the Liberty Party, was heard discussing a Liberty Party plan to connive with the Alternative National Congress against the Unity Party in any upcoming convention of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) where the head of the CPP’s 2023 ticket is expected to be elected.

In an exclusive interview with Ansony Sieh of FOL, Dr. Nyan stated that, “the recorded tape that emerged of the Vice Chairman of the Liberty Party discussing a clandestine move to connive with the Alternative National Congress shows the highest level of deception” in Liberia’s recent political history.”

The Liberty Party has since issued a statement on 23rd March suspending Mr. Elder Jallah for two months.

Dr. Nyan further stated that “there has been a lot of speculations and that have been validated by the [Jallah] tapes.”

“The Liberian people are looking for honesty, dignity and integrity, so to have that level of connivance against a group or one entity [the Unity Party] does not speak well of the Liberty Party and Alternative National Congress in the CPP, Dr. Nyan emphasized.

Dr. Nyan, the straight-talking political activist and internationally acclaimed scientist described the CPP as a “lose federation, and not a real collaboration” where almost “nothing is binding” as it’s individual partisans and party leaders were always at logger head and do not speak with one voice.

The CPP leaders speak of their individual parties, run separate campaigns, and issue separate positions, instead of a single CPP position on issues; they should decide to operate as a real collaboration or go their separate ways; the sooner they decide, the better it will be for all sides, Dr. Nyan added.

The Collaborating Political Party was formed few years ago and groups the Unity Party, Liberty Party, All Liberian Party, and the Alternative National Congress. Heated rivalry among the constituent parties have left the Liberian people wondering as to whether the CPP can pose any strong contention against the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change in Liberia, he noted.

The scientist recognized that other political parties should not be complacent and think that President Weah is completely unpopular, instead they should see Weah as “loosing popularity, but not yet completely unpopular as this is a dynamic political process.”

The award-winning biomedical scientist and social activist was the 169th Independence Day Orator on July 26, 2016. He is former Chairman of the Student Unification Party and was Acting President of the Liberia National Students Union. For his pro-democracy activism against military dictatorship, Dr. Nyan was among several student leaders imprisoned by the Samuel Doe regime and later exiled.

Professionally a medical doctor and biomedical scientist, Dr. Nyan is the globally acclaimed inventor of the US-patented multiplex diagnostic test for many infectious diseases, the Nyan-Test. He is winner of the 2017 winner of the Africa Innovation Award Special Prize for social Impact for his invention.

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