LCC Wants Inclusive Probe in SUP Attack -Says Alleged Masterminds Be Arrested

The Liberia Council of Churches said while it acknowledges the government’s condemnation and the call for the Liberia National Police to investigate the attack on some members of the Student Unification Party(SUP) on July 26, 2022, it however wants the investigation should be inclusive of national respectable stakeholders and done very speedily so as to bring credibility to the investigation and set an example of accountability, against unprovoked criminal acts and unnecessary violence while proclaiming to the world that no one is above the law, and that such actors of violence will not enjoy impunity at the expense of other citizens.

In a press statement issued by LCC and signed by its President, Reverend Dr. Samuel Reeves that those individuals who are vividly seen in the video carrying out such acts of unprovoked violence on their fellow Liberian Citizen, should be speedily brought to justice.

The Press Release also encouraged the Independent National Commission on Human Rights to get fully involved because such a vicious deportment falls within their authority to investigate and report what appeared to be an obvious case of human rights abuse, adding that in a Democratic environment, everyone is not expected to share the same political views.

“Liberians have gone through a lot of such acts in the recent past leading to widespread violence, trauma and insecurity, therefore such behavior of this magnitude must be condemned by our government, all well-meaning Liberians regardless of their social, political and ethnic affiliations.

“The Council of Churches insists that the constitution of Liberia gives all citizens, or groups of citizens the right to peacefully assemble and petition their government for the good of the country, as such, there should be no action by anyone and/or group to prevent such a constitutional right.

“Such acts and being of violence has no place in today’s Liberia and is condemned in the highest terms by the LCC; we, therefore, call on all to do likewise.

The LCC therefore called on the student community to remain calm and exercise patience as the Council would endeavor to ensure that the rule of law is upheld at all times. It also called on all Liberians in and outside of the country to remain calm as they stand together for non-violence and justice for the rights of all its citizens.

“The Council reminds all Liberians that our National Anthem says “In union strong success is sure, we will over all prevail.”

“May God bless our beautiful land of liberty and save our State from vandalism and hooliganism”, the statement concluded.

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