LBDI Prexy In Academic Fraud? -As Martin Kollie Dishes Out Dossier

MONROVIA – The wave of exposure of persons found to be faking their academic qualifications and curriculum vitas might have caught the recently appointed President of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment, Deo Delaney in the web of such situation if what is being posted and social on social media about his academic and professional records is anything to go by.

According to former student activist who now runs an academic advocacy group called the Campaign for the Academic and Corruption Court(CACC), Delaney besides alleging falsifying his academic credentials also failed the aptitude test and interview from the list of shortlisted candidate with 55.25% score, being the least of all the applicants

Martin asserted that there were  requirements for the job when it was advertised, among which is that the candidate should possess Master’s degree in Banking, Finance and Management, Economics or any Business Management field minimum and a minimum of 15 years of work experience in the Banking industry , at least 10 of those years must be in the Liberian Banking industry.

“Deo Delaney did not meet any of the 8 requirements. For example, he does not have any degree in Banking, Finance and Management, Economics or any Business Management Field. He has never worked with/for any bank before whether in Liberia or out of Liberia even for 1 month, let alone 10 years.

“Deo Delaney does not even have an undergraduate degree. See a summary of his attached CV. Do you know why he lied in his profile when he said “…Deo has over 15 years of international experience”? Because the unmerited position that he now occupies required a minimum of 15 years of work experience.

“In his CV submitted to the Recruiting Agency and the Interview Panel, He lied again about “postgraduate diploma in Investment Decision from Harvard University and M.A. in Global Business (Hons) from Oxford”. Both Harvard and Oxford have issued disclaimers to his false claims. Please read below part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this series for more proof. For instance, “Investment Decision” at Harvard is a 3-day Certificate program and NOT a Diploma program as he claimed. Big LIE. The con man presented fake credentials”, Martin said..

He maintain that Bakertilly, the company hired to recruit the most qualified and preferred candidate, should have conducted Credential Audit (CA) before shortlisting any candidate anding that if they were going to start with this (CA), Deo Delaney would have never even been considered for an interview. He said Bakertilly did not do enough due diligence, and this was really sad on their part.

Martin further stated that 11 candidates  had applied along with a summary of their CVs among them were Messrs Trokon R. Jackson,  Wil Bako Freeman, Othello Fewe Sherman, Jay Gbleh-bo Brown,  Alieu M. Fofana, James Francis Davis, Cornelius M. Weah, Jr,  Boima M. Hill, Mohammed A. Dukuly, Deo Delaney, and Boniface D. Satu.

He said only 6 were shortlisted and included Messr. Trokon R. Jackson, Othello Fewe Sherman, Jay Gbleh-bo Brown, Mohammed A. Dukuly, Wil Bako Freeman, and Deo Delaney.

Martin who has been in the vanguard to expose fake credentials holders and has been succeeding to some extent, said the test scores obtained by the 6 persons were, 5, Dukuly at 79,50, Sherman 75.25, Freeman 61.25 and Delaney got 55.

“The fraudster in Deo Delaney could not even get an aggregate of 60. The question now is: How did he arrive at the top as the President/CEO of LBDI even though 5 other Liberians topped him? Here is your answer: He was Samuel Tweah’s choice. This is why Liberia has not made any real progress since 1847. You take a flunky like Deo Delaney and place him at the highest echelon of Corporate Liberia. What do you expect? GIGO.

“Since his so-called “diploma from Harvard and master’s from Oxford” are all fake, the Board of LBDI must now do the honorable thing to dismiss Deo and turn him over for prosecution. Anything less than this, we will launch a massive media campaign against LBDI via social, electronic, and print media. This will be CACC’s next course of action if Deo Delaney is NOT dismissed with immediate effect”, he said:

Meanwhile there has not been any information or statement from Delaney since the allegations broke all and has gone far and near with much interest.

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