Lawmakers Thrive On Deception -As Bong CHT Adm. Condemns Medical Donations

Reported by Patrick Tokpah

Bong County Health Team (CHT) Administrator, Jonah N. Togbah, has described as untimely, the donations of medical consignments by lawmakers to various health facilities in the County. The Bong CHT administrator wondered why the lawmakers who claimed to love the people of Bong would donate expired drugs to the very people.

Mr. Togbah said it is rather unfair and wicked sheer on the part of the legislators to supply expired drugs to health centers in the county pretending that they are doing good to the people.  “Why will you say you love your people and at the same time bring expired drugs and/or medicals equipment in the County pretending that you are working for the same people that elected you?” he asked, and added, “In my minds that is being unfair and wicked.”

Recently the office of Deputy Speaker Prince Kermue Moye in partnership with an International organization Matal donated huge consignments of medical equipment to the Development Education Network of Liberia for onward distribution to health entities in Bong County.

Some of the items donated include, twenty seven cartoons of examiner gloves, eighteen cartoons of ear-masks, thirteen cartoons of patients lineup and gowns, and wheel chairs amongst others.

Several health institutions in the County have benefited from the medical supplies, namely C.B Dunbar, Phebe, Bong Mines, Hospitals Soul Wining Baptist Clinic, African Fundamental Baptist Mission Clinic including others health centers in Gbarnga and parts adjacent.

Delivering the medical supplies to major health centers in the County, the two Bong county Representatives stated that the supplies were the outcome of a trip he made to the United States of America upon the invitation of a US Congress Man Eric Paulson in 2018 to the people of the county

Both Deputy Speaker Prince Moye and Albert Hills Jr. said that the gesture was in response to the numerous public outcries about the shortages of meaningful hospital equipment for the smooth operations of health facilities in Bong and parts adjacent.

But Mr. Togbah said it is frustrating to know that lawmakers of the county that were elected by the people will bring in the County medical equipment that are of no use to health facilities across the county. “At times they bring cloths that are for prisoners at various prison facilities across the country and lie that they are to be used for hospital workers or patients,” Mr. Togbah stated.

The Bong CHT administrator has therefore call on lawmakers of the county to prioritize the interest of the people they represent by bringing into the country meaningful drugs instead of bringing useless materials that are of no use to health centers in the county.

Meanwhile, Togba also said that some lawmakers are bent on inflating the costs for materials donated to health centers in the county.

“Some of these lawmakers sometimes bring in the County medical supplies that cause US$50 thousands and lies that the supplies is worth US$300 thousands while some will bring US$100 thousands and says it worth US$500 thousands in their to gain political relevance,” Mr. Togbah added.

Mr., Togbah statement comes after Bong County Senator Dr. Henquire Flomo Tokpa told citizens of the county that he quickly initiated discussions with members of the Friends of Tokpa in the United States of America after he got elected, to help the county with medical supplies, adding “in that light we were able to secure medical supplies worth a little over 35, 0000 USD for Bong County “.

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