Kollie Advises Mary Broh: Don’t Contest 2020 -Cites ‘Wrong Timing, Unsafe Zone, Risky Adventure

One of Liberia’s critical voices, exiled Political Activists and Emerging Economist, Martin K. N. Kollie has seriously advised General Services Agency Director Mary Tarnyonnoh Brown against contesting the Montserrado County Senate Seat during the October 2020 mid-term election, citing Wrong Timing, Unsafe Zone, Risky Adventure. Mr. Kollie, a columnist, said his advised is out of concern to safeguard Madam Broh’s political future, and out of curiosity to shield her legacy.

Kollie said he thought to pen this open letter to Madam Broh for two strategic reasons, firstly to caution her not to contest as a Candidate for Montserrado County in this upcoming 2020 Midterm Senatorial Elections; and secondly to beseech the madam not to ruin your hard-earned image by running on a CDC ticket as doing so might rob Madam Broh of almost everything she has ever sacrificed for in her political sojourn.

“The price to pay for such untimely decision would be too huge and hurting. The demerits of contesting in Montserrado County now are far more than the merits. The costs associated with such risky adventure, especially in a politically unsafe zone like Montserrado, overweighs the benefits registered after taking my time to run an unbiased assessment/evaluation through three scientific approaches”.  Kollie named the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA); Random Voter Perception Survey (RVPS); and Random Sampling of Public Opinions (RSPO) all of whom do not favor the senatorial aspirant.

“As a 2019 Graduate of Economics and Political Science of the University of Liberia, I had to use simple techniques to carry out all of these systematic analyses in order to help you safeguard your political future. The possible outcomes from these analyses are not in your favor. I did choose to conduct this inquiry out of love and concern mainly to advise, guide, and caution you. But you have a choice to listen or not. You have a choice to contest or not,” Mr. Kollie noted.

He said he does not intend to be agreeably definite about this news that he has been hearing, which somehow reveals the ambition of the GSA director to run as a candidate for the 2020 midterm senatorial election in Montserrado County. “Of course, it is your right and this communiqué poses no objection to that right. Though this news is coming from some credible sources, but I still consider it a rumor until you can confirm yourself. Do you care to confirm, General Broh, because I have begun seeing some political flyers with your picture “making rounds” on social media already?”

Amidst lingering public doubts and debates, Kollie pleaded with Madam Broh to unapologetically reject any petition or proposal from CDC or any group of Liberians to run in this upcoming senatorial election as a candidate for Montserrado County for reasons bordering on a very wrong timing, politically unsafe electoral zone in the county and that the decision to contest against an incumbent opposition candidate (Sen. Abraham Darius Dillon), who still remains popular and enjoys huge public support, would be a risky adventure.

“In politics as well as linguistics, such eerie undertaking is called “Bravadoism” – a Spanish terminology which depicts a form of unreasonable confidence or boldness only intended to falsely impress,” Kollie argues, stating that though Madam Broh currently serves at the will and pleasure of President George M. Weah as Director General of GSA which is statutorily permissible according to Article 56 of the Liberian Constitution, but nothing compels added that nothing compels her in any form of coercion pertinent to defining her  own political life.

He said the fact is that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) under the political leadership of George Weah is not only cracking, but has gone out of touch with the masses after just 24 months in power.

“This egregious effect or downhill political reality can be largely blamed on GREED and CORUPTION being purveyed on an industrial scale. Currently, there is vast scarcity of electable CDCians. The CDC does not have sellable and electable candidates to fuel for the 2020 Senatorial Elections in all 15 counties,” Mr. Kollie further advised.

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