Koijee rubbishes Charloe Killing Allegation -Says “Little girl’s blood on the heads of actual killers”

MONROVIA: Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee has maintained his innocence and rejection of what he calls “continuous campaign of lies and deception” being meted against him that he’s got a hand in the death of a Liberian girl Charloe Musu.

Time without numbers, the Secretary General of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change has continued to categorically deny any involvement whatsoever in the gruesome murder of the late Charloe Musu, stating that he was baffled why the court judging the case will be cooking up a matter “that does not exist and will not exist; unjustly putting the blood of an innocent child on my head.”

On Monday, December 4, 2023, on the Voice of Liberia FM radio station, Koijee  once again rejected the allegations linking him to the death of the girl, asserting that the subpoena writ against him and an officer of the Monrovia City Police, Varlee Telleh, defied all legal basis and reliance as it should not have even issued in the first place.

He said the write should not have been issued because there is no tangible charge being jointly brought against him and Varlee Telleh who “despite being a full grown man who is matured under our laws to defend himself was included in the same writ with me.”

Describing the whole legal drama as “disingenuous mindset”, Koijee threw a challenge to Cllr. Jerome J. Verdier, a Liberian lawyer residing in the United States of America who accused him and Telleh of being responsible for the death of Cherloe Musu, to come forward with his case to provide evidence as to how he derived at insinuation over “this gruesome act”.

“My accusers by now should go to court to provide evidence; this is an open challenge to them,” he said in the public new outlet. “Let them invite Mr. Verdier to go to the court and present the facts. The judge will protect him. He does not need to be afraid. Let him go clearly and give the facts to defend the unpleasant things he said against me. He has to stop doing what he is doing.”

Responding to a clarification by the interviewer that Cllr. Verdier was not categorical about the allegation but urging the police to take his statement as a lead to arrest suspects, Koijee literally flared up: “So you see; how can you say things in the manner you did like you were narrating a storybook.  A serious thing transpired in the life of that young lady, who did not achieve her own full potential, untapped potential. The lady was at a university and then the defense counsel went and now did this in the manner like this.

“So you are asking for a lead in the case and you are using my name and reputation to smear, and you are taking this as a joke? Unfortunately, the court is using this to further demean my character by issuing a subpoena writ against me which is wrong. We must speak against this without fear.”

Koijee added: “They would still send the subpoena writ and mentioning Varlee Telleh as if to say he is my child, and forgetting that he is of age. So they are telling me to bring someone who is older than I am.”

Koijee who is also the Secretary General of the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) lamented the level of deception being perpetrated by his detractors and branding him negatively while painting the good posture of “very notorious people” who his detractors support.

He continued: “Look at how they were deceptive, lying and saying I sent Telleh out of the country; that Telleh fought the war. So is it time now you guys are looking for people who fought the war? You have notorious people who fought wars that you associate with. And you come here with pride, telling people you have the right to associate with them. You are proud to stand with Yekeh Kolubah; You are proud to stand with Butt Naked who says he killed countless number of our people. When you go and seek refuge behind the pulpit and you come out to threaten people. That is Senator Prince Johnson. Can you imagine they are saying Varlee Telleh should not work with the government? They need to stop.”

He told his audience that Varlee Telleh as the interview was going on, had honored the invitation of Judge Roosevelt Willie of the Criminal Court “A” to appear before him and other court officials as well as the defense counsel as per the subpoena writ from the court.

When asked why allegations of wrong doings are directed at him so often,  Koijee said he was baffled himself why his detractors have not found anything worthy he was involved in as they will always create stories which are false only to demonize him.

“But I am not moved by these things,” he asserted. “The more they talk, the more they elevate me. I am confusing them and in their confusion, they are elevating me. And you know God has a way of standing for his own. When I got accused of killing that little girl, I think that was how they got it wrong. That was how God confused them too. Maybe if they had not used my name falsely about being involved in her death, she would not have had justice. Mentioning my name, though negatively, was what God used to bring justice for her.”

Koijee intimated that the more they put his name in a wrong way, the more he becomes the light for the people to see the facts.

“That is the work of God,” he said. “You can’t ask God for His decision in our lives.  Anything He does has a special purpose and for this one God did it for Charloe Musu to have justice.

“Those who were involved be it hidden or not will be brought to justice one day because the blood of the little girl who they killed will be on their head. The little girl has a purpose on earth that she was not allowed to fulfill God will continue to confuse them and they will pay the price for the heinous crime.”

Rejects Property Ownership

On other personal allegations levied against him, Koijee also denied ever owning properties in and out of the country as have been alleged by his detractors. He said no one has ever presented him with facts about the alleged properties he was said to own both at home and abroad.

“Thank God, all the allegations that I own properties, no one has ever told me or shown me any,” he said. “Thank God, the $200,000 property they have been talking about is the property owned by the incoming Vice President.”

Away from the allegations against him, the Secretary General of CDC spoke about ongoing conversation going on between the CDC and other political parties with the view of forming a formidable force against the UP in 2029.

He disclosed that as a party with a history of existing as a coalition to wrestle power from an incumbent dispensation, CDC was in a prime position to manage various groups into a single political entity to push for a robust engagement.

“We have set the record of midwifing a coalition to state power,” he said. “We started as a party, then two others added and thereafter six came in to join us. So we have grown into a bigger party.”

He said the good news President Weah intends to bring a reconciliation between Benoni Urey and Alexander Cummings to usher in a formidable force against the incumbent.

“Nothing is impossible, and I can’t sit here to say yes or no. But I can tell you that we are beginning conversation and we anticipate a working relationship. We don’t necessarily have to merge now, but we can cultivate a relationships.”

When asked about the place of Cummings, whether he will be the standard bearer, he said Cummings is not far from the CDC and that his vision and aspiration for this country are similar to the CDC’s.

He did not however rule out the possibility of Cummings becoming the next Political leader of the CDC just as he was not categorical if Weah will contest or not.

He however noted that the pace in which the President is moving, with uncommon accomplishment and unusual achievements in the world, he may look beyond the presidency, “but that is his personal decision to make”.

Responding to how the party has finally responded to the defeat in the hands of the UP, Koijee said it is a very hard reality they are made to face as some of the members who put in so much in the exercise are frustrated, down hearted, while some of them bed-ridden in hospitals, some have were even in prison for the sake of the revolution. He said “moving forward, we have to encourage ourselves, regroup, unite and move forward”.

“If you want to know those who really love the country so much, they are the CDCians and that was why we wage the struggle against the cabal that was leading this country and fortunately they found a leader in George Manneh Weah; they found a man with the passion for the country and its people; a patriot, humanitarian, nationalist; they man who loves this country.

“Yes, there will be disappointments; no job. We will be laughed at but we are willing to make the sacrifice to rise again because we love the country and we have set the pace for development in this country and we will be happy if the UP government will complete them and we will commend them for it.”

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