Keeping Grand Gedeh Safe: Dr. Boley and Team Scale Up COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention Initiatives

In the face of the scotching COVID-19 pandemic, Grand Gedeh County District #2 Representative and Co-Chair of the House Committee on Health, Dr. George E. S. Boley, Sr., dispatched a team to the Grand Gedeh County, Liberia, to distribute preventive materials, awareness message across the county and financial assistance. These materials included sanitary buckets, face masks and shields, surgical gloves, detergents, sanitizers and soap.

Dr. Boley maintained. “Our best response to the pandemic is our collective preventive effort.”

The Boley Outreach Initiative Team, led by Mr. Lieyee S. Joe, Jr., Chief of Office Staff, included members of the Muslim and Christian communities, youths, bike riders and marketeers.

Due to the current pandemic, Dr. Boley’s team targeted beneficiaries in the Health sector who are front liners in the County’s health care delivery system. Direct beneficiaries of the assistance in Zwedru were the Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital, the Catholic, Baptist and DeSuah Street clinics in Zwedru and Kuma Town Clinic. In Konobo District benefiting health centers are Putu Jarwodee, Pennokon, Karlowleh Town, Konobo Boundary, and Ziah City. In Gbarzon District, the Team donated sanitary materials and supplies to health centers in Janzon, Tuzon, Zia town, Zleh town, Barblo town, Dougee town, Toe town, Polar and Gbarzon Jarwodee.

Responding to the gesture, Grand Gedeh County Health Authorities thanked Dr. Boley for selecting the health sector as primary recipient of assistance in these troubling times when resources and materials to work with are scarce. They asserted that this is the first time Health Centers and workers have been selected for assistance, particularly assistance from a Representative which covered the entire County and not only the District the Lawmaker represents.

Dr. Boley lauded the efforts, intervention and contributions of others, including members of the special task force established to fight the global coronavirus pandemic. He called for unity and collectivism throughout Grand Gedeh County and noted that “we can only win this fight if we are united.”

As Co-Chairman of the Legislative Committee on Health, the Konobo District Lawmaker, Dr. Boley, works with the Liberian Health authorities to ensure the population is healthy and safe.

The distribution of nationwide preventive materials across Grand Gedeh County is Dr. Boley’s personal initiative to ensure people of Grand Gedeh are kept safe during this global pandemic.

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