Karnga-Lawrence’s LP Withdraws from CPP

MONROVIA – In the heat of the long-running jockeying for political power and relevance, the Senator Nyonblee-Lawrence-led Liberty Party has with immediate effect withdrawn the Party’s membership from the Collaborating Political Parties, following in the fashion of businessman Benoni Urey whose All Liberian Party (ALP) also withdrew from the CPP last year.

The LP withdrawal from the CPP came about as a result of a Resolution of the National Executive Council of the Liberty Party issued following the Special Session held at the County Headquarters of the Party in the Port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County from 28-29, January 2022.

The Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence-led Liberty Party said it arrived at the decision following extensive deliberations and votes taken by 28 delegates present out of 44 total qualified delegates consisting of the Political Leader, the National Chairman, the National Secretary-General, two former National Chairpersons, the Treasurer, members of the LP Legislative Caucus, all Vice-Chairpersons, ten Eminent Partisans/Stakeholders, County Chairpersons/Representatives, and a Diaspora Representative.

In the said resolution, the National Executive Committee was authorized, with immediate effect, to withdraw Liberty Party’s Membership from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP); and to organize a Special National Convention in consultation with the Political Leader before the close of 2022, in one of the cities of the Republic of Liberia on a date to be decided.

The decision to withdraw from the CPP comes against the backdrop of LP Political Leader Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence having accused National Chairman Musa Hassan of altering the Party’s Constitution and submitting the altered version to the National Elections Commission (NEC).  Bility would later go on to hold a special convention in 2021 which ended up not only endorsing ANC political leader Alexander B. Cumming’s bid for the CPP standard bearer post, but suspended Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence and other party officials.

The Buchanan resolution also witnessed the expulsion of National Chairman Musa Hassan Bility and Secretary General Martin Saye Kollah from the Liberty Party; and that those Executive Committee Members and County Chairpersons who continue to aid and abet the two named individuals in their actions against Liberty Party are hereby suspended.

The resolution stated further that pending investigation of the suspended Chairpersons of the Counties, their Deputies or Secretary Generals will act; while the Executive Council confirmed the nomination of the Political Leader for the position of Vice Chair for Legislative Affairs on the NEC’

The Liberty Party also endorsed the Financial Plan presented by the National Executive Committee of the Party which was carefully deliberated.

Meanwhile, the Musa Bility-led wing of the Liberty Party has termed the Buchanan Resolution as lawless, undemocratic and autocratic, and called on its partisans to disregard the outcome of “the Karnga family meeting””.

“The Liberty Party County Council comprising County Chairpersons informs partisans of LP throughout the fifteen political subdivisions of Liberia that the January 28 & 29, 2022 called meeting in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County by the Suspended Political Leader is illegal and unconstitutional. The County Council is in full knowledge that on the 22nd of December 2021, the LP political leader Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence and other executives, including Senator Abe Darius Dillon, Senator Stephen A. Zargo and Jacob Smith, were suspended from their positions after their refusal to pay dues as required by the LP constitution. Since their suspension, the suspended PL and a few handful of officials continue to undermine the unity of the party by bringing our party to public ridicule and downplaying the general interest of the party. These handful of disloyal partisans continue to support the suspended political leader who is selfishly fueling the division of the party and partisans,” the LP County Council noted, completely distancing itself from any and all meetings/activities organized, called or that will be called by the suspended political leader while under suspension.

“Any decision coming out of meetings called by the suspended PL has no magnitude whatsoever as she lacks constitutional authority. The suspended PL claimed that her family meeting expelled the National Chairman, SG and many of us recently in a meeting of her family in Buchanan in desperation for naked power and her way of bypassing the dues payment as required by the party constitution. It is becoming a shame and embarrassment that Senator Lawrence, Senator Dillon, Senator Zargo and their likes who have benefited from our votes as a party to give them well-paying jobs will think about only themselves and their children,” the County Council stated.

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