Kalasco Writes President Weah -Shows ‘Inexpressive Gratitude’ After Plush Wedding

Most traditionally inclined elders believe that contemporary young Liberians have ‘big eyes’ that hardly see and appreciate any good that parents let alone outsides accord them. Young people nowadays, the elders believe, have little or no regards for good gestures of parents, perhaps thinking it’s their God-given right to receive. But it seems there are a few Liberian young people who do appreciate and acknowledge with unreserved thankfulness assistances rendered them. Presidential aide to Head of State George Manneh Weah, who reportedly has been in the parental care of the President since his teens, seems to distinguish himself as one of faithful few—one out of the ten Biblical lepers. In a rather poignant letter to his foster father, who he said turned him from slum pauper to a relatively well-to-do young man, Kalasco lavished thanksgivings and adorations upon the Liberian President, hours after a gorgeous wedding. The Analyst reports.          It is not difficult for any typical Liberian develop a graphic mental understanding when it is said that one is, or was, drowning in poverty. It means dwelling in a home without a secured roof, door and window; feeling the pinch of hunger in the stomach every day before having a sickening meal; borrowing a friend’s trousers or shirt to go for a party, let alone affording fees for school and school materials, amongst other things.

Those who saw the current Liberian President, George Manneh Weah, growing up in Monrovia say—and he confirms this over and over himself—that acute poverty and misery caught him above his neck, and he was nearly drowning, before he got the opportunity to enter professional footballing in the mid-1980s.

The President’s flight from poverty to prosperity occurred in jet-like speed as he combed and lived in some of world’s plush citizens, dining with kings and queens. One of his distinguishing characteristics is he did not unleash the chains of poverty for himself alone; he did so, and is doing so for countless other people.

One of those who took alone from the valley of squalor to the solid shores of opulence is  boy who had lived with him even long before he flight started. He’s is Sekou Kalasco Damaro.

This Year’s Christmas Week was another momentous point in the long journey of how President Weah, over the last 30 years, transformed Sekou, also a born pauper like him. There were elegant marital ceremonies (traditional and western styles) during the week, and the presidential aide just could not hold back his indebtedness to his benefactor.

Besides the repetitious expressions of thankfulness at every opportunity he had to say a word during those ceremonies, Sekou thought all was inadequate without doing an open letter for the social and traditional media.

“I pen these few words to you with a very high emotion expressed,” he said in the communication tendered. “In so much gratitude, I am out of words to exactly jot how I felt during my wedding, and the way I continue to feel with the level of fatherly love you show me always.”

Kalasco, as he’s popularly called, stated that from the very first day he got in the Weah family cycle, he has never ceased to surprise him with what he called “a true sense of human.”

“You are a humble, peaceful, thoughtful, and a down-to-earth character, that which everyone would love to emulate. Yes, you stood by me in everything, everywhere and anytime,” he said. “I pledged my heart to equally commit myself to you by the special grace of Allah; I have made up my mind to always stand up for you and be there for you more equally. for you, My lips cannot cease in appreciating you for nearly everything. Honestly, Allah knows my heart for you more than anyone. Dad, I remain your son and will equally do everything a son does to make his parents (dad & mom) happy.”

The Presidential Aide admitted that during him wedding on December 23, 2021, the fatherly love was just too much for him as he was exceedingly overwhelmed and joyful.

He added: “Most importantly, dad, I feel very proud as a son because to date, my mother keeps shedding tears since the wedding.

“My mother is proud that her son from the slum brought up, attracted the Head of State at our wedding; this, she strongly believes that it is a special grace from Allah only. She is proud as a mother, and feels grateful that I am a blessing to the family and many others around us. This, dad, she expresses her gratitude but has shown it in tears. I must state that my mother is proud of the man that I have become, never deviating from the training instilled in me. She also knows that you are a great impact in my life and our entire family. Thank you yah, papa.”

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