Judiciary Weaponized -Cummings; Says Executive Using Courts to Thwart His Presidential Ambition

The Political Leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) and acting Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, says the Liberian Presidency has weaponized the country’s Judiciary into submission and is using the courts to suppress and witch hunt opposition politicians for political gains.

 Mr. Cummings said such undue political influence by the Executive on both the country’s Judiciary and the Legislature has rendered the two branches of government ineffective, thus making mockery of the governance system as regards the fair and transparent discharge of their constitutional duties to the citizenry.

The ANC Political Leader who spoke Thursday, May 12 on Truth FM, said while he respects the authority of the court by regularly attending court trial, it is his right to hire the two London-based international firms to conduct forensic investigation that would further establish the facts in the allegation of altering the Collaborating Political Parties framework document.

The ANC Political Leader said court admission by state prosecutors of prosecutorial misconduct, that they inadvertently extracted evidence crucial to his innocence, and the publicized conflicting exchanges between the Solicitor General and the Justice Minister, allude to the fact that the prosecution’s charges of forgery and criminal conspiracy are bogus and politically orchestrated by the All Liberian Party of Mr. Benoni Urey and the Unity Party, in cahoots with President Weah to thwart his Presidential bid in 2023.

Cummings said a trial which should be legally dispensed within 30 days by the Magisterial Court has far exceeded the statutory limitations to nearly five months, without any significant progress being made.

He also made reference to state prosecutors’ subpoenaed list of 34 State witnesses which in his mind is intended to delay, baffle and deny Justice.

The ANC Political Leader said the hiring of the two London-based internationally reputable firms to conduct forensic investigation is aimed at further establishing the facts that the charges are unwarranted and only intended to damage his 40 years of hard work and sterling reputation earned both locally and internationally.

Last week Mr. Cummings hired a London-based internationally reputable law firm, headed by Chiere Blair, a former British Prime Minister’s wife, along with Alaco, a leading business intelligence and investigations firm, to conduct an independent forensic investigation into the allegation of the alteration of the CPP framework document.

ANC Political Leader Cummings, along with the party’s National Chairman and Gbarpolu Senator Daniel Naatehn, and its Secretary General Counsellor Aloysius Toe are being tried for alleged alterations of the CPP framework document. The three accused ANC stalwarts have adamantly denied the charges and described the protracted trial as bogus and politically motivated by the All Liberian Party political leader Benoni Urey in cahoots with Unity Party Political Leader Joseph N. Boakai and President George Weah to thwart Mr. Cummings’ Presidential bid in 2023.

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