Journalists Trained In Land Rights Issues

By: Taisiah K.Merfee

The Liberia Reform Movement (LRM) in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) and the Heartbeat Tourism and Sustainable Development  Monitoring Network, with support from Rights Resources Initiative, have ended a day long media training for Liberian journalists on how to report on the land Rights Law passed by the national Legislature early this year.

The training brought together over ten local journalist and civil society network working groups to explain to journalist how to report on land related matters throughout the country.

The one day event is intended to create awareness about the land Rights and to addressed the gaps in the law.

The lead trainer at the event, Mr. Ali Kaba, encouraged journalists to always use the Land Rights Law when writing stories on land matters.

According to Mr. Kaba, many Liberians do not know about the Land Rights Law, saying that the responsibility therefore rests on the media to inform the general public about the law in other to help them understand its true essence.

He said it is good for journalists to always report on such matters that will help the general citizenry in the country to know how they operate in the sector.

”If this is done every time in our country, it will add value to the Land Rights Law, and will stop the many violence in various communities across the country.

At the same time, Jos Garneo Cephas who also served as one the trainers told journalists to always make research on the type of land they are writing about in their reportage to avoid any violation of the law.

Mr. Cephas said journalists should always background their stories and quote relevant sections of the law by which their story is being supported.

He called on journalists to always try to be specialized in a particular area of reporting in order to give them a better understanding of that area.

Cephas than thanked all their partners for the level of support in making the training for local journalist a success, and urged them to use the knowledge acquired from the training in the discharged of their duties.

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