Journalist Parley Wants Radio Gee Supported

A prominent citizen of River Gee County, Jacob N.B. Parley has expressed serious concern over reports of lack of support to Radio Gee in Fish Town City, River Gee County.

The Liberian journalist said he was deeply troubled and disappointed to have heard on ECOWAS Radio that Radio Gee lacks the requisite financial and logistical capacities to enhance its operations.

Mr. Parley said in a press release dated Sunday, March 28, 2021 that from what he has been following, the station has a lot of potential people who are up to the task, but added that reports of lack of   support could defeat of the overarching reason for establishing the station and further lead to decline in self-esteem among its personnel.

“While I appreciate efforts of the Press Union of Liberia, the umbrella organization for all media institutions in Liberia to be constructively involved in enhancing the capacities   community radio stations across Liberia, including Radio Gee, I want   the Union’s efforts buttressed by well-meaning River Gee citizens here and abroad,” Mr. Parley added.

Mr. Parley who also served the Press Union of Liberia as Vice President and Media Alert Officer urged River Gee citizens at home and abroad to ensure that local stations in the county, particularly Radio Gee, are supported so that they can continue with providing credible information and education to the citizens.

The former Liberia Broadcasting System news director, editor-in-chief and Executive Mansion correspondent, who was instrumental in using his professional skills to promote efforts directed toward making River Gee a county in 2000, said the plight of the local radio station requires urgent attention.

He said in any society where the media is not present or functional, there is a possibility for undemocratic forces to prevail, thereby weakening the tenants of democracy, good governance and the rule of law, using falsehood as the conduit.

Journalist Parley described democracy and the media as two intimate elements of good governance that must be encouraged to function at all times in any well-meaning environment, including River Gee County. The veteran Liberian journalist has meanwhile pledged to be part any positive campaign aimed at raising funds for Radio Gee and to make additional efforts for an intensive capacity building workshop for personnel of the station, if such idea   meets the consensus of the management.

He hailed those who have been identifying with the local radio station, as well as the management team at Radio Gee for their diligence, despite huge constraints, as recently outlined when an executive of the station appeared on ECOWAS Radio.

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