“Join Us to Rescue our Country” -JNB Rallies Diaspora Liberians

MONROVIA:  In his quest to get a wider audience and support towards actualizing his presidential bid, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Mr. Joseph Nyuma Boakai has said Liberia is at a critical crossroad, a very critical part of its history, and only a collective resolve of the citizens wherever they found themselves can unseat the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) just as he solicited the cooperation, collaboration and support of Liberians in the United States to “join us to rescue our country”.

Speaking to a gathering of Liberians in Minnesota at a fundraising dinner held in his honor on Saturday, July 29, 2023, Mr. Boakai said Liberia has fallen on hard times to the extent that smaller countries that are far younger than Liberia are making tremendous efforts to give life to their citizens and wondered how Liberia after 176 cannot still account for true development that will enhance the living condition of the people.

During the event, a check of $10, 000.00 was donated to the Rescue Mission’s campaign by The JNB Royal Ambassadors of USA/Canada. Several functionaries of the UP and other auxiliaries presented gifts and offered goodwill to Mr. and Mrs. Boakai in recognition of their service to Liberia and their 51st wedding anniversary.

In his remarks, former Vice President Boakai praised Liberians in the diaspora for conducting themselves well. He however cautioned and reminded them to not forget their homeland. He committed to them his continued willingness to fight for equality and social justice for all Liberians. He further assured the audience that the Unity Party under his leadership will set the course for the total emancipation of Liberia for all Liberians.

“Liberia has been a country of people with big hearts, with pride and dignity but over the years we have drifted off and we have turned to be a poor people, poor not because we lack but because of leadership. How long does it take to know it is the matter of leadership that eludes us”, he said.

Mr. Boakai said sometime in 2015, he took a retrospective look of the country to look at the level of underdevelopment that has engulfed the country over the years and came to the realization it was due to greed and sheer wickedness that has led the country to be at the lowest steps of development ladder. He said it prompted him to have written in his Christmas card and urged Liberians to Think Liberia, Love Liberia and Build Liberia.

He said the graphic illustration of the level of underdevelopment through his Christmas message did not go down with his former boss, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others who got to know about it were telling him to resign if he has anything against the government at the time.

“There is no way I could resign because I was not appointed, I was elected to assist the president and I think I have the records to my tenure. Some of us owe it to God that we could be blessed to work with our conscience for the people, offering service to our people which mattered most”, he said.

The number one partisan of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) said it is sad that after 176 years, everything about the independence of the country is to celebrate years but not the development that exists in the country.

“We just celebrated our 176 years of independence and when we look at it , we are only celebrating years but not what we want this country to be. Everywhere you turn is nothing to boast of and that is why we continue to tell you we are not in this thing for our own personal gain. It is about service to our people so that together we can change this country and you will be proud once again about your country”, Mr. Boakai said.

He promised if elected he will ensure that in three to four years the country will be rebranded “so that we can be proud of this country once again; so that we can give true meaning to the future of our children, your children’s children”.

“But then it boils down to the right leadership. It is lack and we can correct that. Some people see it as a title that they want to hold but we are looking at what service we can provide our people so that together we can have a decent country we can be proud of. Not a country we will force our children into drugs, not a country that does not have security of lives and properties,” he said.

He thanked Liberians for being resilient over the years to look after themselves and at the same time looking at the home front “because we are seeing how committed you are to your jobs, working hours under strenuous conditions for yourselves and family here and also working for the homeland”.

He said he was excited that the rescue team under his leadership is getting wider acceptance from Liberians both at home and abroad and urged them to continue to support it to effect the true change back home.

He told the audience that while their enthusiasm is very high towards the 2023 general elections, they must also stand up to make sure that their votes are protected.

Fit as a fiddle

Meanwhile, the man whose critics had already written him off as a “dead man walking”, who they said was rushing to the United States to undergo a triple bypass heart surgery that wouldn’t allow him to contest the October 10, 2023 presidential and general elections was looking fit as a fiddle when he graced a dinner and ball tendered in his honor by the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM) over the weekend in the U.S.A where he called on the Diaspora Liberians to never forget the motherland.

Addressing the gathering of Liberians in a hall choke-full of UP Partisans, enthusiasts, sympathizers, and distinguished personalities from the Diaspora, former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai heaped praises on Liberians in Minnesota for holding together as a community and for the support back home that has kept a lot of good things happening.

He said he was happy to see that Liberians in Minnesota are happy and his compatriots in the Diaspora are interested in the Rescue Mission of the Unity Party in Liberia.

The Unity Party Standard Bearer pointed out that he was thrilled to see that lots of Liberians had returned to the Motherland to register to vote, and urged them to continue to be grateful to the United States for availing them the opportunity to live in the United States and achieve their full potentials.

Ambassador Boakai however cautioned them not to forget about home, a release from the Office of the UP Standard Bearer of the Unity Party said.

The event was occasioned by a grand fundraiser for the Rescue Mission that saw Liberians from all walks of life in the Diaspora contributing immensely to support the Unity Party’s campaign and electoral processes.

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