JNB Restates Commitment to deliver on promises -Vows to combat corruption, audit outgoing Govt.

MONROVIA: With the determination not to betray the trust reposed in him through the massive support given him that ensured his victory during the just concluded 2023 general elections, President-elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai has given indications that the rescue mission will never be a fluke, reaffirming his decision to fight corruption not just in public service but to weed it out from being seen as a culture, pushing for public declaration of assets and ensuring that the outgoing administration of President George Manneh Weah goes through a proper audit to account for its stewardship to the Liberian people.

Speaking during a special interview with the Voice of America in Washington, DC, USA where he has gone to meet with top government officials as well as leaders of the private sectors in the American economy this week, Ambassador Boakai laid out the roadmap how his government will radically be different from the current administration to promote good governance, transparency, competence and bring well spirited Liberians in his government who will be recruited to serve in the interest of the country and not themselves.

“Corruption has not only been with government officials. It has been a culture and we came as a rescue mission. And we know one of the biggest problems is corruption and I want to say that we will start by making sure that those people who we bring into cabinet are people of integrity.

“We will make sure, even beginning with myself we will declare our assets and we also make it well known that the purpose of coming to government is for public service and if you are not ready to serve the public you can go elsewhere but we want to make sure that we serve on a clear note that our people who stood on line to protect their votes do not bring a team again to do the same the other people do or worst, so it is a clear message”.

President elect Boakai said declaration of asset by those intending to work in his government will not be compromised and that a comprehensive audit of the outgoing government will be undertaken “so that they will tell the Liberian people about their stewardship and to make sure that we start on the footing where people know that they come to serve the public and not for themselves”, adding that anyone who does not understand that is not with them on the rescue mission

Responding to a question how he will handle the auditing the outgoing government so that it will not be seen as witch hunting or anything that could compromise the entire process, President elect Boakai said he was aware of what people will say once the audit gets into motion but his government will add credibility to the process so that even those who are being audited will know that professional work is being put in place and see the recruitment of a internationally acclaimed audit firm as the best option to ensure that the best results will be obtained.

“We are aware of that. When we talk about auditing, it is not going to be Liberian auditing. We are going to make sure that our international partners work with us for a public tender for a competent and renowned auditing firm that will be qualified at an international level to make sure that they come on board to do the job.

“We are aware of people saying witch hunting, witch hunting, but I don’t think it is witch hunting when you have to account for your stewardship but it has to be done in a way that it is a well-established entity with a reputation to make sure that they audit and make sure that they report to the public the findings”, he said.

The incoming President who is known for his modesty in living and zero tolerance for corruption and waste in government while responding to a question about shielding family members, friends and associates when they are involved in corruption said he was not new coming to government although he was making a reentry with a new position as President of country and throughout his public service life, he has never shielded his friends or family members in any of his dealings and will not want to do same during his presidency.

“I am not new to the government, although in new position. I ran a public corporation that was credible and I can tell you that I come to work not with friendship. I have friends but there is a clear line of demarcation between friendship, family and managing. With the experience we have, we come to a country and celebrate 176 years of independence and with the life of our people living below the poverty line, I don’t think we are coming to government again to start talking about one family, I think we come there to make sure that we give Liberia people what we are committed to them”, he said.

Since his election, Boakai has never hidden his desire to set a clear example of how corruption and misrule can be fought for the benefit of the country and has vowed to ensure that the promises made to the Liberian people will not be short changed.

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