JNB Rallies Multitude -As UP Launches Campaign

MONROVIA: As the momentum towards the ensuing general election heats up, partisans and supporters of Unity Party (UP) – true to the party’s campaign launch schedule, challenged the heavy down pour of rain and trooped to the Antoinette Tubman Stadium on Lynch and UN Drive intersection. The occasion was marked by merry making and was on characterized petty trading by peddlers as the sounds of Unity Party Campaign songs of different sorts filled the air.

Although started their turnout at a slow pace under a sunny on that Sunday morning, the momentum built up as the campaign rally started to attract huge crowds from different directions. Before then when the number was few that the number of turn out expected, some partisans who went earlier started to harbor  fear that the CDC  would  mock at the UP for poor attendance, since the contention has been claim and counter claim between the UP and the CDC that the  presidential race to a ‘one round victory’.

“My friend do you think people will come here”, asked a partisan, who was apprehensive and afraid the few that were there were alone despite the merriment that was on the field amongst the hundreds of that that went on the fields sooner, although some of them were already in queue to the Stadium and the Stadium where they wanted to go to catch a better seat for the occasion.

At the same time, others were dancing to the beat of musical groups that were stationed at a stage erected in the left extreme of the field , while others were engaged in varying activities such as shouting anti-regime slogans and selling. Yet some of them were viewing with cheers, activities of their Standard-bearer when he served as Vice President to former Unity Party political leader, President Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

On Lynch and Benson Streets intersection were officers of the Liberian National Police deployed to regulate the inflow and out flow of human traffic and vehicles trooping to the rally, while the entrance of the Stadium was policed some privately operated security personnel dressed in dark suits with the Unity Party t-shirts under their dark suits.

“We give you six years still you were dancing Buka” some of the crowd jubilantly sang outside the stadium which was by now crowding up by exuberant partisans gradually with the green and white while in the stadium where the numbers were increasing, the Unity Partisans danced to   the rhythms of Pro-Boakai music that echoed across the soccer pitch.

The pomp and pageantry that attended that launch rally started long before the program itself as some of the crowds cheered moments displayed of the former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai including his official trips to western countries while serving as the nation’s second most executive office as were on TV sets and activities highlighting the works of Senator Jeremiah Koung, the Vice Standard –bearer of the Unity Party.

“This man is indeed a statesman; this is the kind of person we want instead of those who will bring drug to spoil our children, a lady said. Others Chair, “Papay, da you we want!” While others sang   “Sorry papay, were wrong you, we will correct our mistake.”

At tick of the clock, the crowd jammed the field enthusiastically as the rest that went ahead awaited  the arrival of the caravans  of  various groups of the Unity Partisans who were being floated  by some senior members of the party, including Cornelius Cooper Kruah, Montserrado County District  #13 Representative candidate, Unity Party  Representative  Candidate for Montserrado County District #10, incumbent lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon,  amongst others.

By the time it was some minutes past 1:30, a gulf of green and white crowds busted from the direction of the Bushrod Island through the Gabriel Tucker Bridge, swarming the ATs unprecedentedly as they came in singing anti regime songs into Liberia’s premier international football field, the ATS.  Thereafter, other crowds of Unity Party alliance came in their multitudes and the ground lost from Lynch Street to the ATS while others were from the by-pass area through Benson Street into Lynch pouring into the ATS thereby creating and overload for the Stadium under a heavy down pour of rain.

The momentum was now high, and to enter and exit the ATC as a problem as the human traffic was jamming despite the very bad weather that attended the launch.  “I will not go inside there because it seems too parked, and my first attempt to enter in there suffocated me” said a UP supporter dressed in a green t-shirt and jeans.

Many others said the same thing as up to about 3:30 the crowd from all over the place kept coming.  “This crowd should signal to George Weah that he is a onetime President who we will send down on the first ballot,” an overzealous Unity partisan was heard saying.

The Stadium was set and awaiting the standard bearer who finally came at about half passed four o’ clock  waving to the crowd along the road as he slowly drove to the stadium as the multitude in return unceasingly waved back to him in appreciation.

In his address to the mammoth crowd the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party Alliance, former Vice President Joseph N, Boakai vowed to forcefully resist any plans or attempts to thwart the will of the Liberian people by “stealing the results of these elections”. The UP Standard Bearer added that the Rescue Team is excited and optimistic about what is now a national call to rally citizens for a rescue mission to reverse the hardships so many Liberians and their families have been subjected to for the past years, promising that the team will not fail

Ambassador Boakai assured his supporters that the voices of the people matter and that under a Unity Party leadership, the people’s concerns will be heard, their dreams will be respected and their aspirations will be nurtured.

The UP leader indicated that he and Senator Jeremiah Koung, his running mate and the team promised their unwavering commitment to serve the Liberian people, saying, “We are all excited and optimistic about what is now a national call to rally citizens of this great country for a rescue mission to reverse the hardships so many Liberians and their families have been subjected to for the past 6 years.

“Today marks the launch of our election campaign, but it is not just a campaign for the presidency and legislature; it is a campaign for you, the voters, and for the future we envision together,” he asserted.

He stated, “First and foremost, let me make it abundantly clear and assure you that any plans or attempts to thwart the will of the Liberian people by stealing these elections will be forcefully resisted by us, the people of Liberia, and the international community, which has invested so much in the peace and stability of this country.”

The Unity Party political leader also promised to leave no stone unturned to work with international prosecutors to expose and arrest those who would foster electoral violence and derail our hard-won peace, and added that he appreciates recent statements by some of our partners including the United States government regarding safeguarding the integrity of these elections.

“Preserving the sanctity of elections is of paramount importance in upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that the will of the people is accurately represented,” he reiterated.

Saying while he welcomes the imposition of sanctions on those who would attempt to thwart the will of the Liberian people, the former Vice President called on ECOWAS, the United States, the European Union, the African Union, and organizations such as International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES) to fully, thoroughly and actively engage the process now to avert any threat that will undermine these elections.

He further recognize the challenges that lie ahead. “Our society faces many foundational challenges; challenges of political marginalization of citizens in the decision-making process, economic inequalities, social injustice, corruption, hunger, disease, ignorance, insecurity, poor infrastructure, environmental degradation, youth unemployment, a drug epidemic and so much more.”

In the face of these challenges, The UP flag-bearer said he firmly believes that within every challenge lies an opportunity for growth.

“Together, we will confront these challenges head-on, with compassion and determination. We will work tirelessly to create an inclusive society, where no one is left behind, where opportunities are abundant, and where the future is brighter for each generation,” he asserted.

Hear Mr. Boakai: “In tandem, we will improve agricultural production, improve our infrastructure including roads, ensure law and order in our society, invest in the education of young people, improve health and sanitation, prevent the degradation of our environment, and develop its potential for tourism to AREST the dire political, economic and social challenges we face as a country”.

“Let me emphasize that transformation will be driven by the people, and therefore education will be a major part of our agenda. A well-educated society is a thriving society. We will invest in our schools, teachers, and students, ensuring that quality education is accessible to all. By equipping our young minds with the knowledge and skills they need, we will unlock their potentials, drive innovation, enhance their dignity and secure a prosperous future for our nation,” he accentuated.

The former Vice President further reiterated that he will not allow the resources of this country to be mortgaged by a few people for their selfish interests. “The people of this country and their government under our stewardship will be equal partners in the judicious exploitation of the national resources for the good of the people. If there must be economic growth from the exploitation of our resources, that growth must be equal for our people and must come with development.”

He thirdly assured that the transformation “we seek will have transparency and accountability as the cornerstones of our administration, when given the mandate on October 10”.

“Gone are the days when only a few people decided the fate of the country through their hidden agendas. Gone are the days when Government is seen as a center for exploitation and ill-gotten wealth,” he stressed.

“I pledge to be a leader who listens, who engages, and who values the input of every citizen. Together, we will establish a government that fosters trust, encourages dialogue, and invites your active participation in the decision-making process. Your ideas will shape our policies, and your feedback will hold us accountable,” he exclaimed with cheers from the Unity Partisans.

On the fourth count, he stresses the importance of unity. “Our nation is diverse, with people from all walks of life, cultures, and beliefs. It is this diversity that makes us strong. We will celebrate our differences, fostering an environment of inclusion, respect, and understanding. We will bridge divides, heal wounds, and work towards a society where unity prevails over division and everyone will be known as Liberians not by tribe,” he said.

He furthered that together we will build a nation that is greater than the sum of its parts. “We have for over one hundred years focused on state-building, but now is the time to promote nation-building to pull our collective potential as a people for the good of Liberia”, he said.

Lastly, the UP standard bearer pledged to restore Liberia’s respect among the comity of nations. “Liberia will become the beacon of hope in the world and we intend to reverse its image as a narcotics state, where it is gradually becoming a transshipment point for illegal drugs and a place of attraction for transnational criminal enterprises.

“Liberians will be proud of their country again, and this country will once again be the destination for people in Africa and around the world,” he further assured.

Liberia, according to him, has never been at a worse point since the restoration of democratic governance in 2006, and at this juncture in our history, there can never be a better time than now for Liberians to make one of the most important decisions to save the future of their children. I am encouraged by this great show of support.

“But as we all know; this demonstration of support will have its biggest impact when you go to the polls on October 10 to vote and vote massively for the Unity Party Alliance to see the change that you demand. Knock on doors, take your children, your parents, family members, friends, and neighbors to the polling stations to vote, and be vigilant to protect the votes,” he advised the electorates.

“As you prepare to do so, the simple question you and all voters must ask yourselves is this: Are you better off today than you were six years ago?  If the answer as we know it is no, then there can be no patriotic duty but a determination to democratically unseat this regime, curtail corruption, stop the relentless pillaging of the national coffers, and usher in a responsive and responsible government,” Ambassador Boakai said.

He asked for the people’s trust, support, and vote as they embark on this campaign, saying together, “we can create a future that we can all be proud of—a future that upholds our shared values, protects our freedoms and promotes the well-being of every citizen.

  1. Jake+Doe says

    BOAKAI, we know you are “too old” and too sick if we may quote your de facto running mate war crime fugitive Prince Johnson. SO, BEGGING NEWSPAPERS TO DOCTOR YOU A YOUNG FACE TO DECEIVE THE PUBLIC IS SIMPLY A PRROOF THAT YOU ARE UNFIT FOR THE PRESIDENCY.

  2. Oscar Tarpeh says

    So, everything that the Oldman has clearly articulated in his vision for the Liberian nation and its people appears to have no bearing on your ability for some positive criticisms or alternative policy direction except his old age and physical morphology.
    All the reason why this country really needs a rescue plan and the rescue mission. Our country is in serious trouble for true.
    If the presidency, or leadership as a whole was about being athletic, young and strong with big muscles, then the George Weah’s administration would have by now secured a prosperous and enduring future for all Liberians. We would have seen companies trooping into the country and exploring its vast potential to create a strong private sector growth surge, especially taking advantage of the international connections from his football stardom.
    Then Liberians would not have been spectators in their own economy by now, and the issue of food security would have been on the front burner to end poverty and hunger, and to improve the quality of life.
    Unfortunately, everything is quite the opposite. We see how, for the past six years, the CDC led government has been occasioned with the drug epidemic, rampant corruption, extrajudicial killings, the culture of impunity, mysterious deaths and disappearances, abuse of power and flagrant disregard for our organic laws, gross ineptitude, bastardization of our national resources, increase in poverty, etc. In short, George Weah would have been Liberia’s best president void of all the above indications of institutional decline and a down spiraling failed state, now a fast-developing narco state.
    Unfortunately, the youthful exuberance he brings to the presidency was only characterized by public service inexperience, moral indiscipline, strong appetite for wealth and personal glory, educational deficiencies and immaturity, lack of understanding of the workings of government which has consequently spelt doom for our country, etc.
    If old age were a curse and a negative leadership factor, the Joe Biden wouldn’t become president of America. And that also goes for the likes of President Tinubu of Nigeria, or Al-Hassan Owatara of Ivory Coast and many others.
    The results of their leadership productivity in their respective countries cannot be said to be any less desirable in comparison to the young, strong, athletic and healthy president we have in Liberia.
    In fact, his moral and political indiscipline coupled with his strong desire and preoccupation for material wealth has only sown seeds of growing disenchantment among the Liberian population.
    Liberia is once again in the mainstream global news for all the wrong reasons as it was 25 years ago prior to the end of the bloody conflict that saw peace and stability return to it through the heavy involvement of international partners.
    It appears as though we haven’t learnt anything of a valuable lesson at all from the devastating mistakes of our terrible past. We’ve forgotten so soon and pretend as if none of these should matter because it is Mr. George Weah.
    But one thing I have personally observed about Liberians and is worth noting: they have a very unpleasant way of paying you back if you betray their confidence; their loyalty is not stupidity.
    Interestingly, the constant attacks on JNB’s health and old age are only helping to gravitate more voters to his presidential quest rather than dampening his chances.
    Too late now to change strategy.

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