“JNB is Not Sick!” -George Saah Trashes ‘Scandalous Detractors’

MONROVIA: A stalwart of the opposition Unity Party (UP) says detractors of former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai (JNB) who are bereft of any substantive argument have resorted to parading with lies that the UP Standard Bearer is sick or terminally ill, in a desperate bid to stop Mr. Boakai presidential bid.

According to Atty. George Saah, a staunch stalwart of the Unity Party and close confidant to former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, JNB is not sick nor terminally ill, and that there are no records of what the naysayers are saying.

“Their main objective is to get rid of JNB from the political scene. These fools have been doing their possible best to eliminate him one way or the other either through slanderous activities or otherwise. But being a Man of God, he has jumped over these snares and traps so many times. I believe he had even sat and ate with his own enemies without knowing,” Atty. Saah said in a social media post on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

“It is God that got JNB going so the best advice for those who are running after him is to stop, you cannot discontinue what the Lord Almighty has ordained. JNB will win the Presidency and lead this Nation to prosperity. Let me put this half-witted and idiotic argument to rest once and for all!

“JNB is not sick, and if you are using this for your own selfish motives then you live in fantasyland or in the Republic of Utopia. Are you waiting to get to the presidency on this fallacy?  Sorry, sister or brother, you have already failed and there is a high possibility that you are the next in line to kick the bucket while JNB is still around moving strong. We have seen those who wish him dead die, can’t you see?” Mr. Saah said emphatically.

He said the vicious attacks against the former Vice President in recent times about the so-called illness were trumpeted by two prominent females in our country.

“We couldn’t respond to those hate filled comments simply because it is not in our culture to insult females. It simply shows who they are. Let me describe them as debauched, dissipated or morally unrestrained. Shame on you!

“JNB has been having a clean bill of health for years now and it will continue to be clean because he takes care of himself, and not like his accusers who are drowned in recklessness and riotous living.

“People have desperate motives for overly indulging in slander against others.  The reasons include that they have seen a clear opportunity to pillage, despoil, plunder and steal the resources of the nation; and by Joseph Nyuma Boakai coming to the helm of power their celebration or gala event will come to an end, that is why they will fabricate, construct and cook up lies and impute the highest degree of dishonesty against JNB.

“Liberians must be emancipated at the polls come October 10, and these lies are a childish approach to a national discourse. They have seen the writing on the wall and so the desperation has reached the pinnacle, the anger has increased. They planned to rig the election but it will be difficult because it will be against the people. They are suffering and the whole world knows.

Nobody will play or tamper with these elections because the future of our children and the Nation is at stake.

Right now, a whole generation of young people has been lost to narcotics and to petty business, how long will they ride motorcycles to survive? How long will they sell minutes, how long will they keep collecting plastic bags to earn a living or collecting rusty metals on garbage sites to survive? We sit on a time bomb as long as there is no plan of action to rescue these young people.

“The young people do not know the mess that they are in, someone must rescue them, they have been impoverished, they have been overwhelmed by destitution, they are paupers, but they don’t know. Most of them are not in school, that’s how they want them to be, while their children are receiving the best of education in foreign parts,” Attorney Saah said.

“Aside from putting the issue of JNB’s health to final rest, how many of you know that the subregion is sick with Liberia’s situation? This is a nation in which a quarter of a million people were killed in fourteen years of civil war; this is a country that the international community spent seven billion in peace keeping; this is the nation where hundreds of ECOWAS peacekeepers lost their lives in the process of restoring peace and sanity, all because of rigging elections in 1985.

A caveat to the National Elections Commission

Atty. Saah also commented on the importance of the October elections and the cardinal role of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in maintaining the hard-won peace that the country enjoys today.

“We have gone that route before and the nation has not even recovered from the effects of the civil crises that saw the most gruesome atrocities committed in the history of war. Please save Liberia by doing the right thing!

“Do not take unlawful orders like Emmet Harmon, former head of NEC. Because of that decision Liberia was plunged into total mess and anarchy. Because of the mess, the nation produced an unprepared generation, children who are not ready to raise families are having children, we have lost a whole generation to ignorance, disease and poverty. The NEC did the wrong thing then, do the right thing now.

“People who do the right thing, people whose consciences are clear will always have sound sleep like the baby in a manger, whose sleep was dreamless.

“I strongly believe that the spirits of those who died as a result of the civil war, occasioned by the rigging of the election of 1985 are haunting those responsible and they could be having sleepless nights or are in eternal hell gnashing their teeth forever. Those who rig elections belong in the darkest part of hell.

“There are compartments in hell. There are rooms for looters, there are corners for those who kill humans for rituals and there is a whole department for those who wish others dead. There are departments for those who bring kush in the country, the hottest part is for those who bring in cocaine.

“Do not doubt you will begin to experience the lake of fire right here on earth if what makes you happy is to see others suffer or make them crazy.

“To conclude, this political tournament is not about lies, deception and cheap politics, it is about integrity, it is about those who are ready to serve the nation and not to steal and amass wealth.

“It is not about age or phony health issues; it is about the truth, what can you do for your country when you are called up to serve Liberia. That’s what you should be asking and thinking and not to keep yelling at the top of your voice insulting JNB. That’s rudeness, inconsiderateness and incivility.

“The international community is not happy with Liberia and that includes ECOWAS, the African Union and our traditional Allies. October 10 is fast approaching, and ECOWAS must be ready to implement the right protocols to save Liberia by ensuring that the Supreme Court decisions of 2017 are implemented and that the data room is not hacked. There should be no ballot stuffing or allocating money to those in charge; it could trigger conflict.

“The entire subregion convulsed and shuddered because the events and circumstances in Liberia were started by a simple decision to rig the elections,” Atty Saah said emphatically, noting that Ambassador Boakai will return to Liberia on August 2, 2023.

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