JNB Commends Supreme Court -For Upholding Rule of Law; Cautions NEC

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling last Friday allowing all constituent members of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to leave the party at will and still participate in ensuing elections under their respective names, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Ambassador Joseph Nyuman Boakai, says he is pleased that the highest court in the land has made the right decision to uphold the Liberian Constitution. Ambassador however cautioned the National Elections Commission (NEC) to be neutral, fair and unbiased if it remain a respected umpire of the country’s elections.

“The decision by the Supreme Court to nullify the NEC obstruction to the UP candidacy in the Lofa County by-election also underscored the need to maintain the stability and peace of the land.  We, therefore, commend the Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court for a decision that upholds the Rule of Law.

Making the statement Monday, June 6, 2022 following the SC decision, Ambassador Boakai said the Unity Party can only expect the National Elections Commission will act swiftly in full compliance with the highest court’s opinion, and now complete and formalize the UP’s candidate’s registration to participate in the Senatorial By-Election in Lofa County.

“If NEC is to continue to enjoy the respect as the organizer, umpire, and conciliator in our electoral process, it must, by the decisions it makes and the actions it takes, be fair and unbiased, which means free of favoritism.  It is also our hope going forward that the NEC will take precautions in her decision-making regarding political activities, as we approach the 2023 General and Presidential Elections,” Ambassador Boakai remarked.

The former Vice President said, while the Unity Party recognizes the huge responsibilities of the NEC Chairperson and other Commissioners, especially given the limited resources that they at times may have been provided, it is, however, incumbent upon the Commission to do the right thing at all times, as the Unity Party will also be prepared to challenge any wrong decision made against the opposition and, by extension, the interests of the Liberian voters.

“We remind the National Election Commission that it works for the people of Liberia and not a political party or the government.

We are also grateful to our top-notch legal team for their invaluable contributions and commitments that unambiguously laid bare before the Honorable Supreme Court, our arguments and how they are supported by the laws of our land. We also want to thank our partners, the Political Leader of the ALP, Hon. Benoni Urey and Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Political Leader of the LP, and their partisans for their support to the Unity Party.

“As we journey on the road to the 2023 General elections, we want the NEC to take note of the Supreme Court’s 2017 decisions about electoral discrepancies, especially the Cleaning up of the Voter’s Roll. In addition, we expect the NEC to take due note and consider the electoral comments by International Election observers, especially ECOWAS, in 2017 about the need for future elections to be conducted by the use of the Biometric Voting System.

“In closing, the maintenance of our cherished and hard-won peace in Liberia depends on the unencumbered practice of legitimate politics, which includes free, fair, transparent, credible and inclusive elections.  In this regard, we expect the NEC will do what is necessary in keeping with its mandate and laws of Liberia to ensure all subsequent elections, including the General and Presidential Elections of 2023, are conducted through a transparent process, because the Unity Party and its affiliate political parties and the people of Liberia will accept nothing less.

“Now Lofa County is ready for the bi-election! And I, Joseph Nyuman Boakai, am ready to field our UP candidate. What are you waiting for???” a fired-up Joe Boakai enthused.

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