Jewel Appointed Global COVID Chair -GCAP Hails her for Philanthropic Commitment

MONROVIA – Liberia registered its first case of the deadly CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) on March 17, 2020. As a country that suffered massive destruction of lives and properties owing to the decades long civil war, the citizens got the worst end of the bargain when Ebola struck in 2014. But little did they know that COVID would be the worst of the worst for them. In the midst of the health hazard, one person stood out based on her sterling efforts to reach out to the citizenry and educate them about the deadly COVID virus, a mission that eventually exposed her to contracting COVID virus. Having recognized her immense contributions towards fighting COVID, the Global Covid Alliance Partners (GCAP) is now appointing Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor as its Honorary Chairperson.

Making the statement in a letter of appointment and a subsequent certification, the GCAP on March 11, 2023 noted that based on Madam Taylor’s extensive experience in the public sector and her deep commitment to philanthropic endeavors make her the perfect fit for this position; the organization is thrilled to have her as a member; noting its confidence that her leadership skills, experience, and expertise will be invaluable assets to the GCAP’S cause.

“As Honorary Chairwoman, your primary role will be to facilitate government relationships and promote our organization’s humanitarian cause.

“We believe that your influence and network will help us achieve our mission of making a positive impact on society. We will rely on your expertise to guide us in developing and implementing strategies to further our goals.

“Your contributions will be greatly appreciated, and we believe that your appointment will inspire others to join us in our efforts.

“Once again, we extend our warmest welcome to you and look forward to working with you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.” stated the communication form GCAP Global Director Lawrence Lee.

It can be recalled the Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor was in the forefront of the fight against COVID, when she traversed the countryside rallying the citizenry against COVD-19, where she underscored the need for Liberians to continuously observe all health protocols, including regular hand washing with clean water and soap.

Unfortunately, Vice President Taylor would later contract COVID and be flown to Ghana where she had to undergo intensive care for COVID-19 treatment. 

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