Jemima Wolokolie Opens Pandora Box

In the wake of her sacking by President George M. Weah as Deputy Commerce Minister, and her expulsion from the Coalition of Democratic Change, Mrs. Jemima Wolokolie says the entire CDC has no moral  or legal grounds to have  her expelled  for  speaking out  the truth  on some  very  important  matters that have affected  founding  members  of the Coalition, terming such decisions as “gross misuse  of power”.

As The Analyst has gathered, Madam Wolokolie’s fallout with President Weah and the CDC hierarchy stemmed from her recent decision to contest the upcoming Montserrado County special senatorial elections on the ticket of the Coalition, something she had indicated was supported by President Weah, as he himself is a “feminist-in-chief” who endorses the empowerment of women.

But to the contrary, Wolokolie’s decision seemed not to have been countenanced by the presidency and the ruling regime, who have thrown their lot behind Representative Thomas Fallah, popularly known as T-5. Appearing on several talk shows during the course of the week, Madam Wolokolie criticized the CDC for refusing to hold primaries, but instead endorsing Rep. Fallah for the Montserrado County senatorial seat that is up for grabs in December 2020 mid-term election.

“This has brought grave concerns and embarrassments to our existence as a people and party, which has destroyed the great fabric of CDC. However, I have accepted all of your decisions without any regret. So, stop sending NSA to tail me,” Madam Wolokolie said.

She further narrated in a social media post that the situation of her tailing started June 30, 2020 and continued up to July 1, 2020.

“If  anything  happens to me,  I want the  world to know that  Mulbah  Morlu  and  his  people from  CDC should  be held  responsible.  Stop accusing me falsely and focus on improving your poor managerial scale to run the party effectively. The quality of your leadership needs to be upgraded then we will get better results from  the party. Stop focusing on temporary power which God  can  take away  at any time. As per your  lies, I definitely  want  you  to  take  me to  court  on  all these  allegations. I am  tired  of this  nonsense from  you  all. I’m defying you to do so. I dare  anyone of you to  take  me to court for a well  organized  crime that  has no  truth.   I am  challenging  you  little  liars to be more responsible  and take  me to the laws,” Madam Wolokolie warned.

In apparent reference to CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu, Madam Wolokolie said, “Your   inability   to  control   your  black  lies  and stealing habits is based  on your  greed   for  wealth  and  power.  You  must  learn  to build self-confidence. Your quest  to become validated has created serious problems for  you   people   and  you  must  rise  above  that  to  build  your  self- esteem.  Integrity is something you  build over  the years  and  not overnight.  Now  you  see,  I don’t  have  that  impediment and  that’s  the  difference between  you and I. Liberians   are  tired of  watching  your  notorious behavior  in every form and manner. It is  really embarrassing  to the very  party you claimed to protect,” stated Wolokolie. .

Continuing, Madam Wolokolie said Chairman Morlu should have  been  expelled  months ago when  he  said those terrible things about  the President but It never  happened.


The Controversial $3M Loan


Responding to the long-standing controversies surrounding a $3 million loan managed by the Ministry of Commerce, which brought bad blood between certain officials of the Weah government, including her own boss Wilson Tarpeh and the CDC hierarchy, Madam Wolokolie said, when  Chairman Mulbah lied on her for the  first  time, the president  did not  say anything.

“Wow!!!  He is repeating exactly  what  he said  few months  ago. I will  not  take  the  responsibility for  my boss, concerning this loan. He has a clear understanding of how he gave this loan out and Mulbah Morlu  knows it. What is most disgusting is the silence of my boss  who has the money!” Wolokolie lamented.

“I have never encountered such wickedness in my life.  Wilson K. Tarpeh is quietly trying to say something but it  is not  possible. He wants to tarnish my hard earned reputation but it will not work. He must  give  account  of the  $3,000,000 you  are accusing me of. This matter is  very  important  to my families, friends and myself. I cannot  account for money  I did not see  or touch.  Anyone  within  our society can attest  to this. I have been  accused in  the  most ridiculous  and misleading way to  the   people of Liberia. I  owe it to my  country  and  not  to some  greedy unserious  people whose  purpose  in life  is to try  and bring  their fellow citizens  down by  lying  publicly  on them,” said Wolokolie.

“This  is criminal  and  it must stop. I am concerned about our country  and the development that  will  move  the  country forward and  not  to be  discussing  unnecessary lies  to  waste  my time.  You  have  no  moral   attributes  to  talk  about me because you are  not  worthy  to do so. I know  what  you  people  are  made of, vindictiveness  to the highest. Please continue  the  job you  know  best, which  is to  steal and don’t implicate  me into  your  web of  corruption. Take me  to court, Mr. Mulbah  Morlu. You  are  an international  liar and  a rouge,” the former Deputy Commerce Minister stated.

“You  all  know  exactly  where  the money  is, so stop  pretending and  protecting your  best friend  Wilson  K. Tarpeh. He  has been  disbursing the 3,000,000 and you  know  it. He  has disbursed  up  to $513,000 to  unknown  people that I have no  knowledge  of.  I asked Minister Wilson  K. Tarpeh for  an audit report one month ago,   names of those he gave the loan to, their phone  numbers, business  names  and  locations  of   their  respective  businesses, but I never  got  a reply. Now, who is the liar????  Who is the most powerful  and corrupt  person???

Your lies will never be encouraged by any sound minded individual around the world. You people are so corrupt, deceitful, disrespectful and good for nothing group of noisemakers who want to gain irrelevance on my hard earned character.  So, take me to court, you petty liar. You   all believe in trading of lies for comfort. Everyone knows about you. Your goal is to get rid of all of those strong partisans, to accomplish your wicked and selfish good for nothing plans,” a seemingly frustrated Wolokolie fumed.

Attempts to get to the sides of Commerce Minister Wilson Tarpeh and CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu proved futile up to press time.

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