Jeety urges Fellow Businessmen to support inmates at Central Prison -As He Feeds 1,300 inmates

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

MONROVIA – Indian Businessman, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva, affectionately known as Jeety, has urged other businesses owners and philanthropists in the country to reach out in providing food and non-food items to inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison.

The Chief Executive Officer of Jeety Trading Corporation made the passionate plea on Sunday, January 30, 2022 when he again provided hot cooked nutritional meals- with water, soft drinks and cake to over 1,300 inmates at the prison facility, something that he has been doing over the years.

During the occasion which is his second visit this year at the prison facility, Jeety said, “Today I will urge my fellow business class to give to the needy”, saying, “if one person tries to feed somebody who is in need, I am sure nobody will go to bed with hunger”.

He continued, “I am not here to support them for the crimes they have committed, but to buttress the effort of the government to ensure that they are fed with hot nutritional meals while they serve their sentences.” He expressed his gratitude to the administration of the Monrovia Central Prison for the support towards his feeding initiative.

Responding to Mr. Jeety, Superintendent Varney Lake on behalf of the Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation, thanked the Indian businessman for his numerous support, saying “We are glad again to receive this gesture”, adding that the gesture is an addition to the many humanitarian works of the Indian businessman.

“We can’t get tired of thanking you Mr. Jeety, we are grateful for your continuous support to the inmates. What really touched me recently is the connection you have made between Sethi Brothers and us. We are blessed to have received 152 bags of 25kg rice. I have told my bosses about what you have done again”, Mr. Lake added.

While he appreciated the initiative of Mr. Jeety, Col. Lake also used the opportunity to call on others to emulate the humanitarian works of Jeety.

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