Jeety Trading Corporation Identifies With Inmates at the Central Prison -Distributes Food and Nutrition Items to Inmates

By Rancy S. Teewia

The Administration of the Monrovia Central Prison has hailed the Jeety Trading Corporation and Jeety Family over their continuous support to the country’s biggest prison facility. The statement by the Prison administration comes in response to the distribution cooked food and other finished goods to the inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison at the South Beach in Monrovia over the weekend.

Making remarks at the start of the distribution process at the prison facility, the CEO of the Jeety Trading Corporation, former Honorary Consul General of India to Liberia, Mr. Upjit Singh Sanchdeva, said the gesture is their way of identifying with the inmates. Mr. Sanchdeva, asserted that the prison is not only meant for detention or sentencing of people who run contrary to the laws of the land, but  noted that it is also intended for rehabilitation and reformation of the inmates to ensure that they become better citizens when they are out of the prison.

The Indian Business mogul noted that in order for the inmates to be reformed or rehabilitated, they need good diets and nutritious food that will keep them healthy.

“I promise that I will be coming here once a month to feed the inmates; today we brought sufficient food to cover more than 1,350 inmates which include rice, meat, fish, juices and other finished goods for them,” Mr. Sanchdeva noted. He added “We will be coming here again May 20, June 29, and so on and on”.

Also making remarks on behalf of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and the Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation, the Prison Superintendent Varney G. Lake extended gratitude to the Jetty Trading Corporation and the family of Mr. Sanchdeva for their support to the prisoners.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Justice, particularly the Department of the Bureau of Correction and Rehabilitation, we are gratified for this gesture, although this not the first time either is it the second or third time you have been coming here”Mr. Lake said.

Superintendent Lake said that the Jeety Corporation and the Monrovia Central Prison have been in partnership with the Jeety Corporation and family who have been assisting the prison.

“On behalf of the administration and the beneficiaries, we say thank you for your continuous gestures to the prison and we here at the prison have received this gesture in good faith,” Mr. Lake said.

Meanwhile Mr. Sanchdeva has rubbished public perception that the humanitarian gesture of the Jeety Trading Corporation is being sponsored by some NGOs or others philanthropy individuals.

“This gesture is from the Jeety Trading Corporation and Jeety family, and it is nobody’s initiative,” he clarified.

The Jeety Trading Corporation and Jeety Family have been making tremendous contributions toward the Liberian society, particularly to people living with disability and less fortunate Youths (Zogos).

It can be recalled during the CoronaVirus Pandemic, Jeety Trading Corporation and family were committed to food distribution, and distributed food items to thousands of less fortunate people both including people living with disabilities.

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