Jeety Appreciates Gov’t For Support -As Indian Amb tours Rubber Processing Plant Facility 

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah 

MONROVIA –  Renowned Indian businessman, Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva affectionately referred to as Mr. Jeety has praised the government of Liberia for its support on the passage of the  Investment Incentives Agreement of his  US$25m investment  of Rubber Processing Factory in Cinta, township, Margibi County, which is under construction just as the Indian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Liberia Pradip Kumar Yadav toured his concession area.

It may be recalled on December 21, 2021, the Plenary of the Liberian Senate concurred with the House of Representatives on the passage of the Investment Incentives Agreement between the Republic of Liberia and Jeety Rubber LLC which was submitted to the Senate by President George M. Weah during the 15th day of the special sitting of the Senate on Thursday December 14, 2021.

On Tuesday, February 28, 2023, Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of India to Liberia, Pradip Kumar Yadav, honored an invitation from Mr Jeety to join him as he (Jeety) along with team as well as notable people and residents toured the ongoing construction work of the Rubber Processing company facility in Cinta Township, District #5 Margibi County 

Speaking at a program held to climax the tour, Ambassador Pradip Kumar Yadav pinpointed that the presence of the rubber processing company has brought economic activities in that part of Margibi County as he commended the Indian businessman for boosting economic activities, especially creating employment for hundreds of citizens of the County.

“I am sure in the future when the factory is fully operational it will provide more employments that will lead to prosperity and development in Weala. I wish Jeety and his team all the very best”, Amb. Pradip Kumar Yadav remarked. 

Earlier in his brief remarks at the occasion, Mr. Jeety, who has spent a couple of years in Liberia doing business expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador of Indian for honoring his invitation to visit his Rubber Company in Weala, Cinta township, Margibi County, at which time he gave a brief background of his investment, saying the land was acquired to build Jeety Rubber Company in October 2021. 

He explained that it was a very difficult beginning, however, he said he was elated by the level of progress thus far after a process of one year. We started the foundation in May 2022 and after seven months of tireless work by my team. This project is being completed in the shortest span of time even though my December 2022 target to complete the project was not fulfilled.”

I can assure you that few days from now I am expecting a team of experts from India and Malaysia to come to Liberia to do the installation of machines. I am thankful to the people of Weala”, Mr. Jeety said

The project when completed in 2026, it will be the first tyres production company in Liberia.

Liberia has one of the largest rubber plantations in the world, operated by Firestone, and Bridgestone but it does not produce any rubber products.  The Factory, if it starts operations, will mean a boost to the rubber sector and help improve the economy.

According to Mr. Jeety, the Factory when completed will also include warehouses, washing and treatment plants, revealing that the Factory is located on 13 hectares of property with the building of about (132,000 sq ft)

In the agreement, the company will construct, develop, and operate a national rubber processing and production plant to produce tyres and other natural rubber products.

The company is expected to process approximately 25,000 tons of natural rubber per annum.

Additionally, it will also produce hand gloves, rain boots, and rubber bands, among others. The company is intended to purchase rubber from local farmers.

Already the Indian businessman has employed over 250 people from the district, according to Roland S. Johnson, commissioner of Cinta Township. 

Mr. Jeety a few months ago, embarked on the construction of a modern clinic to provide adequate health care delivery to thousands of residents of Weala in Cinta Township, Margibi County as part of his company’s corporate social responsibility to the locals in the area.

The 25-bedroom health facility will accommodate more than 55 in-take patients. It is over 90% completed and will commence full operations at the end of this year.

Also speaking, on behalf of the workers of the of the ongoing project, Varney M. Marshall said they are extremely excited about  Jeety’s huge investment and thanked the Indian business tycoon for selecting the township of Cinta, Weala.

Other citizens including elders, women and youth groups as well intellectuals who spoke in separate remarks, greeted the investment with excitement and promised to cooperate and support Jeety to ensure that his Rubber Company is fully established in Weala.

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