IVah Apologizes -Vows to Return, Work with Women Groups

MONROVIA – Issac Vah Tukpah left Liberia Wednesday for the United States via the Roberts International Airport, in the wake of mounting public indignation over his co-authored book that got him sacked as Chief of Office Staff to the Alternative National Congress Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings. Onboard his flight to the United States, Mr. Tukpah for the first time shared his thoughts about the whole saga that landed him in serious trouble, most especially with the womenfolk of Liberia. Apologizing to the women of Liberia for the lewd language used in the book about President Weah and his family, Tukpah said he will return to Liberia and work with women groups.

“This is a real sincere apology to all the women out there. This whole issue here, there is a misunderstanding. I really want to apologize to the Liberian people, for the graphic, vivid description. I understand in some sense it was crass, some people didn’t like it; but seriously, if women can come out against what we’re doing, somebody’s thoughts that we shared, somebody’s words that we shared, why can’t we come up against rape and sexual violence? The sex for jobs, the discrimination, the suppression of women, the lack of women in the legislature, the lack of women in government,” Tukpah stated aboard his flight to the US.

Speaking further about his ordeal in Grand Cape Mount County, IVah Tukpah said it was never his intention to flee the country.

“No, I wasn’t going to leave like Costa. I didn’t even have a passport when I went over there. I was going to my molleyman last night, and they stopped me. So now, my medicine will not work. I am getting on this flight today, they want to interrupt me. I am not running away. I am going to come back. I have one life to live. You kill me, then what? You have other people to account to when you kill me,” Tukpah stated frustratingly in a harried podcast aboard the flight.

Continuing, IVah lamented the lack of governance system in his homeland, stating that it is just amazing how the country lacks standards and organization. “Seriously, the system is rotten and we have to fix it. I will come back,” Tukpah vowed.

Regarding those who helped to ensure his free travel out of Liberia, Tukpah expressed thanks and appreciation to the ANC political leader and other stalwarts of the party, as well his spouse.

I want to thank my ANC supporters, Moriah Yeakula, our Chairman, Aloysius Toe, my political leader Cummings, my fellow Scorpions, not forgetting my wife Mrs. Tukpah. Our people didn’t sleep.  Musa Bility harassed the people until McGill was called me at 6 am,” Tukpah disclosed.

Rehashing his apology to the women of Liberia about the lewd language used in his book, Tukpah said he believes that the women of Liberia are smarter and capable than men.

“Unfortunately, even the most ignorant man thinks he’s smarter than the smartest woman. We have to change that.  This is a real sincere apology to all the women out there. But we have a little surprise for you. I will talk to my people, and we will come. We will do maximum support. We will help women groups,” IVah vowed.

He finally expressed appreciation to the security forces that intercepted him on Tuesday in Grand Cape Mount County.

“I am going to be very honest. Those people were doing their job, but they were very friendly. I have to go back and visit them.” IVah stated.

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