Islamic Student Departs For UAE – To Partake in Quranic Reading Competition in UAE

By: Sallu K. Swaray

An eleventh grade student of the Farnimah Islamic School located in Clara Town, Bushrod Island, Abdulai G. Bah, has been selected to represent Liberia in the 2019 Quranic Competition Reading in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

The Higher Lajina for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf, a local Muslim charitable organization, which made the selection, said its choice of student Bah to represent Liberia at the completion is part of efforts to contribute to the educational empowerment by sharpening the learning ability and skills of Liberian pupils.

Student Bah was selected on the basis of winning the competition intended to vet suitable candidates to represent Liberia in the Quranic Reading Competition after thorough scrutiny and decision handed down by judges.

Speaking over the weekend at the close of the preliminary Quranic Reading Competition held at the Salim Bakit English Arabic School in Duala, the Coordinator of the Higher Larjinah for Islamic Affairs and Aqwaf, Mustapha V. Rogers, said that student Abdulai G. Bah did perform extremely well in the competition reading and became winner among five other students who participated in the exercise, but did not read as compared to student Abdulai Bah.

Mr. Rogers maintained that since student Abdulai Bah has won the Quran Reading Competition, he is now the property of Liberia; “You will be raising the Liberian Flag in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai this year in the month of Ramadan that will be observed in Liberia and other parts of the Muslim world”.

He indicated that student Bah serves as torchbearer for other Liberian students by going to represent the country in the up-coming Quran Reading Competition to be held in the United Arab Emirates.

For His part, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Higher Lajinah for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf, Sheik. Zaidan Musa Sheriff said that he is very happy that Liberia will again participate in this year’s competition in the U.A.E since its participation in 2010; something he mentioned was due to the lack of funding faced by his organization.

According to Mr. Sheriff, his dream and vision in assisting many Liberians of school going ages with scholarships to travel abroad, especially in the Arab world is to be able to bring pride to Liberia upon their return.

He indicated that the Quranic Reading Competition was organized by his group, the Higher Larjinah for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf, with headquarters in Liberia. He reiterated that the gesture is a means of assisting Liberian students with scholarships in education. “My organization has been helping the underprivileged indigents of this country over the years”.

Mr. Sheriff further reiterated that the U.A.E is a country that does not hesitate in reaching out to the needy by stretching their hands to support or assist friendly governments and the ordinary people of other countries.

He noted that his organization along with friendly partners from the U.A.E were able to push the case of the Liberian Muslims for support to construct forty-five (45) Mosques in various counties; and added that Liberia has already benefited from the project.

Mr. Sheriff pointed out that he had also sent at least sixty-five pilgrims to perform their yearly Hajj in the Holy City of Medina in Saudia Arabia; Mecca over the years.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Higher Larjinah for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf, Sheik Zaidan Musa Sheriff furthered that through the instrumentality of donors, he was able to get the opportunity to send some students to Mecca to also participate in Quran Recitation Reading Competition and the students won several awards including cash prizes.

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