Insults, Personal Attacks – Not Good Beginning for the By- Elections Campaign

The 2019 senatorial and representative by-elections to fill the vacancies left back by the demises of Montserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff and Montserrado County District #15 Representative Adolph Lawrence has started with a bad omen of jibes throwing, insults and personal attacks on individual candidates which may precipitate violence into the election at the early start. Already, President George Weah has thrown jibe against the candidates of the opposition four political parties fielding LP’s Darius Dillon for Senator and Tella Urey for the District #15 seat. These  candidates are being backed by the All-Liberian Party (ALP) of Benoni Urey who is opposition coalition chair,  the former ruling Unity Party (UP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), and the Liberty Party (LP). The President’s jibes is preceded by statement attributed to the ALP’s Urey calling CDCians reportedly “cock roaches” to which President responded by calling Urey a killer and thief. The ongoing triggered a reaction from an opposition element who said jibes thrown by President Weah opened a flood-gate of reciprocation, The ANALYST reports.


President George M. Weah has apparently replied to the statement made by the political leader of the All Liberian Party, Mr. Benoni Urey during the June 7 “Save the State” Protest organized by Council of Patriots in which Urey reportedly referred to CDCians as “cock roaches,” branding the ALP leader as a killer.

Weah said that anyone associated with Mr. Urey will not win election in the Republic,   a statement apparently alluding to the participation of Mr. Urey in the 2017 Presidential race which he lost to the CDC standard Bearer and the support of Mr. Urey’s daughter to stand against the CDC in the ensuing Montserrado County District #15 by-election.

The CDC’s first partisan made the statement during the launched of the CDC’s campaign for Paulita Wei for the Senatorial By-election and Abu Kamara for the Representative by-election.  He spoke at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town.

President Weah reiterated that the only thing he knows about Mr. Urey is that the Liberian businessman is a person who destroyed the lives of the Liberian people in the past and added that Urey was engaged in destroying human lives due to his atrocious act against humanity.

He questions why Mr. Urey has the nerves to believe that he can win election in Liberia, and recalled that Benoni’s cousin Clemesio Urey and his partisan went in to election with him and they were defeated.

“He came back in the race for the second time and he was again defeated, and the All Liberian Party political Leader will never and ever win election in Liberia.  Adding, that the Ureys will win election only when George Weah does not exist.

The Liberian president who sang while speaking among thousands of Liberians over the weekend also added that Mr. Urey has defiled the opposition Four Collaborating Political Parties to the extent that they not win anything in Montserrado County.

By Urey placing his Daughter on the Coalition ticket should not give hope they will win Montserrado, the CDC political leaders and President of Liberia said, noting that CDC has won three elections in Liberia which the party waived to another party, although he did not name the party.

The Liberian leader further recalled few years ago when he came to Liberia and made the decision to become President, he was then told by the Liberian people that education is a vital component in society, and was therefore urged to go to school and learn so if  he wants to be president.

“And so I took six years to graduate from high and obtained bachelor and later went back and obtain my master,”  he narrated.

President Weah for this reason urged Liberians to “Tell Darrius Dillon to go back to high as he is 9th grade student;” saying “If Dillon did not go to school and elected Senator or representative in this country, then  you will be unfair to me and let justice be done to all man.

“Liberian people, tell Darius to go to school and graduate from school because what goes around must come around; because he knows that Abu Kamara and  Paulita Wie are Educated people” he throw jibes at Dillon.

In reaction, an opposition figure who begs to remain unanimous said Mr. Weah’s throwing of jibes and fueling of political intension in the ongoing campaign is nothing strange.

He reacted further that those divisive comments and personal attacks, “I am not sure that those divisive comments and personal attacks are stronger that “Enemies of the State” tag so as to warrant any surprise.”

The benefit this brought to the campaign, he said is that the doors are now wide opened as the actual campaign starts Monday when someone might have an overdose of their own concoction. We will respond disproportionately.

He warned that the Dillon Campaign is a campaign of four parties. Assuming that CDC’s strength in Montserrado hasn’t diminished at any percent, the opposition coalition has 62 percent to fight for and we in opposition are going all out for it.

“We have absolutely no room for complacency. The civil servants whose salaries have been dew3cucted to a near unemployment are on the opposition’s side. The market women, disabled population, shoe shine boys amongst others are with the population. It is going to be people’s victory. The biggest launch is July 5, 2019.” He concluded.

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